ALt+tab during loading screens use to end in crash btw

About grinding, t4 ships take some time, at least a month of playing to have some of them, t5 take a lot of time every single one, and doenst even look to be worth.

About matchmaking, just play recruit with t2 and veteran with t3, not a big deal, enough balanced, if you run into a same ship class than yours but with a tier abobe and complain for losing the 1 v 1 well... thats your problem, if you play a veteran on a t3 and focus on teamplay theres no problem, you are usefull.

for the one who said war thunder, i have only played tanks, but the difference between first and last tank on a tier is bigger than the tier difference here, and the maintainance cost is almost the whole income of a game.

Jawayne#8001 posted (#post-123890)

The PC will not have anymore wipes, so what you earn now will stay. PS4 I have no clue.

Good, thank you.

Well i wans't sure where to ask this but since it is a question about my account i'll put it here.

As the title says im willing to know if everything that i unlock now by playing the beta will be already unlocked when the final game gets released, or if there is going to be a reset instead. This might be a stupid question but i dont know the answer and it can determine how i spend my experience and money(talking about ingame resources to unlock new ships and modules).

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I normally hit 90% of the tempest

Yes, at recruit, where people do not even know what shields are.

I use mostly t4 ships and i hit the missiles, so please dont make assumptions like that.

I normally hit 90% of the tempest, it is just about using the brain because any wall will stop them, but they are very slow yes, launching and flying

I'm not going to quote you all, but if i do this post is because vettes shields doent's last for just a few seconds, it last forever with the drain torpedo so they can tank any amount of fire the enough time to get the kill

Descriptions are very poor yes, you have to discover the ships and weapons by playing them, when you get a t4 ship with 10+ different missiles/torpedoes , you dont have much to base your decision on choosing one of them

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Maybe not to remove a drain torps but slightly decrease its energy drains ability for this class of ships, e.g. to 50% or 60% max.

Maybe, it is good that corbets have a way to engage on a isolated target, without having to wait them to be out of energy, but that shouldn't make the corbet tanky, if the other ship has the skill to react fast he should be able to push the corbet away, at least for dreads and destroyers, you lose your energy and part of your health but the corbet too, and if the corbet decides to stay and is able to avoid your fire and kill you then well played by him

Just like that, and the enemy do have a big shield now