On my opinion strafing would be only an advantage for Dreadnoughts cause most of the other ships only have front weapons.

Guys get going the Servers are back in Business.

Lets get some facts!

Tutorial starter = 6000 FP

LVL 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 =1000 x 10 = 50000 FP

loose = 100FP

win = 200 FP

contract = 600 FP once each 4 to 5 days

Without any real money spent u cant get it all before reaching lvl 50. Mods for 250FP to 2000FP and more.

ships 5 times 4000, 8000 and 10.000 FP.


110.000 FP for all ships

same or more to get all perks and mods....

So u need some GP to get it all.


Teamplay is essencial.

Had some games with a mate & 3 public on Corvettes. They enemies lost each game with 30 or more points less. Enemies had 2 healer in their teams but they had nearlly no chance to get the destroyer or dreadnought healed.

And u have no chance vs high lvl.

So as conclusion it's a bit to early to declare tactics, cause u dont know the others modifications or playing style.

Search for ppl to team up and then get some tactics of ur own.


But i have the same issues like him. No scoreboard or empty scoreboard with 99 on kills death and so on. Or ppl cant join game lobbies together. currently i have to relog every 3rd game to get points and stay on my mates game lobby or they start and leave me behind. Some mates of me have the same issues. Changing in time and issues but everyone of them has some from time to time.