Thank you for the update.

Any word on the fixes? In a third of the games i played yesterday, i was stuck with a ship i didn't pick. 10 blue screens and 3 infinite loading screens. I really like this game and hate to complain all the time but it's been over a month.

The other day, five times in an hour and a half. At best it's every three or four matches. today it happened on my second match and just now two matches later. Can't play this way. I waited the three weeks after i found this game during the update to play it. That was frustrating but i thought it was worth it when i finally got to play. I hit veteran level and am a little frustrated with the disparity in matchmaking. New players with starter tier 3 ships against lvl 50 vets with maxed out tier 4 is just a slaughter. i understand it makes for quicker match times and again just go with it but being kicked out every other match is just to much.

I got the same message.