It's going to take some more time, but there are systems being developed that will make use captain rank progression planned for the future. I don't want to give it away until the dev team is ready to talk about it, but there's some pretty cool ideas for it.

Remember guys... the game is NEVER done. It's still in development and will be pretty much as long as it's operating.

At some point, after regional servers are launched, there will be a PTR. The timing on that is still likely to be a ways off however.

As someone pointed out, for the moment, the beta servers we have in place are in effect our PTR. In the near term, we don't want to fragment the user pool which would make matchmaking worse (in quality and duration) at current population levels. We would have to have sufficient users to have healthy matching pools across a PTR and live servers for it to be worthwhile for players (and us).

We have some of our top engineers working with our CDN folks to track down this pesky problem. It affects me at my home as well now and then and I can understand your frustrations. Something that helps us find a fix faster:

If you can run the Dreadnought launcher from an administrator command line (hit CTRL-SHIFT-Enter when you have CMD selected in the start menu), with the command line "DreadnoughtLauncher.exe /debug" it will create a host.developer.log in the same directory file that tracks the errors.

Sharing that log file with our customer service folks (attach when you submit a bug report/ or reach out to customer service) will help us track down the issues. Our current believe is that this is an issue with our CDN provider, but these logs help us and our CDN provider deduce where the exact issue lies.

We have been in discussions with potential partners for CIS territories for about a year and those conversations continue. Until the game is in open beta, and we have more representative figures to share with prospective partners, these conversations will continue to just be conversations.

If there were eventually to be an agreement, our partner would be responsible for localization in Russian and operation of the game in CIS countries. In short, we hope for Russian to happen at some point, with full customer and community support to follow with a potential partner, but local languages for territories that Six Foot and Grey Box will be responsible for operating in are currently our team's near term focus.

TLDR - In the longer term, we do believe that there will be an amazing Dreadnought community for our Russian friends but we want to make sure that we can find the right partnerships or alternatively, eventually have the right resources in place to fully support that very important territory.

Also, apologies it took me so long to see this thread... I should have responded to it ages ago. Not sure how I missed it.

Minor work around... I keep the game in borderless windowed mode and have a browser or work (Excel and PPT FTW) over top of it. I can see when the load screen happens even when it's not the active application and just Alt-Tab back then.

As far as matchmaking times, we'll have to dig into it. Populations are still low but I've played 5 games in the past hour and haven't had a single queue time take more than 3-4 minutes (queued as Vet). Populations should start to pick up over the next week or so as we begin reaching out to pull players back in actively.

Sounds like it's working as it should. T2, 3 and 4 are supposed to be matched together. Only T4 and T1 aren't supposed to match together. And the longer the queue time, the looser the requirements will become. With a larger matching pool (which should start to happen in a few days as we reengage with other invitees), the matches will get better and better (e.g. tighter groupings). Currently the matching pools are really small. In a month, it should be a totally different story. We definitely appreciate your patience as we work through the process, evaluating how things work and tweaking as we go.

Ah, so the question is, "When is open beta?"

We don't have any solid timelines. We are tweaking, fixing, updating, polishing for the near term. We just released a major overhaul to the project and that's going to require some time to sort out. We're also updating, improving our services, systems, customer support, platform infrastructure and more.

Now, if you signed up ages ago, and still don't have an invite (we've invited a fair number of people), don't despair. We will be ramping up our invites over the next month or so and your chances drastically increase as we seek to expand the player base, matching pools and to stress our infrastructure.


The game is ~11GB. I'm sure CS will be by shortly to help. They're quite prompt.