On the topic of voice, for PC everyone says they want it. In reality, a tiny percentage (single digit if data from other devs we speak to are to be believed) of people use it and most people have their own preferred third party solution (Discord, Vent, TS) that their usual organizations choose.

There's a couple of improvments we could look at (and are discussing):
1. Deeper discord integration - Even before this is a thing, we will be highlighting discord much more prominently in the launcher and in-game. Whether or not we can do some deeper auto integration is for exploration later..
2. Steam voice support - Fine if we're only ever only going to be on Steam, but that is a bit of an open discussion too.
3. Vivox - cross platfrom, but very expensive for us to use and host and almost never used on the games that have impiimented it.

In short, stay tuned, even if we do nothing more than better promote Discord (and I hope at some point we have some cycles to do more), it will get better.

On your overheat suggestion, 1.12.1 will have the first steps toward breaking the "heal ball". Some details are here but there will over time be many components to this effort that will once again cause the meta to evolve. Please don't view this as "we're nerfing healing" because we're not. Aside from revisiting some kep officer briefings and modules. We are planning some changes to beam weapons that will make them more interesting and more strategic than the role of tac cruisers have today. Our combat designers are planning some upcoming blogs to keep folks in the loop of the changes that are coming on these and other balance related fronts.

Matchmaking - as it stands today, players have a fleet rating, based upon the ships they have in their respective fleets which. Hard divisions between tiers will only serve to fragment what is already a relatively small matching pool (more than 70% of players online at any time are in a match, not eligible for matching). In short, we don't have the playerbase to support such a structure. A larger matchmaking pool in general (which Steam + more languages should get us) will help keep the real legendary players up in legendary (where the battle bonus is much larger), away from the real vets.

In any event, we intend to reevaluate matchmaking, hopefully taking into account more complex options, including geographic location, some time after the Steam launch (right now all of the people to do that work are working on getting our butts to Steam).

There was a mishap with cosmic radiation. Remember kids, stay shielded. Stay safe.

The issues that caused it to get removed had to do with the number of folks who played that mode as their "last game" and never came back to Dreadnought (particularly recruit players). It just caused players to churn out and it's really meant for a much more experienced player. We removed it from the "all" game queue, and then in effect, there was never enough of a critical mass of players in the matching pool at any one time to get matches kicked off consistently. So it was temporarily removed.

At some point, when we have some design and engineering cycles to apply, we would like to bring it back but it needs a lot of work in terms of balance, fixing the "fighter/bomber" mechanics and bug fixing. And frankly, there are some fixes/improvements we'd like to make to Conquest, Onslaught and Havoc (which are and will be more played) as a higher priority. And then there's PVE modes, which are our most requested feature from players in our surveys which have some additional work required before we start sharing them.

Some other potential solutions for TE that are being discussed:

Having TE be selectable as a custom match mode for folks who set up their own games for fun. This question was raised in our last big games team meeting... ironically by the guy who is redoing the implimentation on custom matches. Donatelli told him "um... don't ask me, that's your call dude". So that seems like a definite possibility.

On a related note we'd also like eventually to be able to have people select which modes (ideally more than one) they'd like to queue for, and whichever of those selected modes pop first, they get pulled into. As it stands today, we have the ability to do "all" or any single one. When and if we get that functionality in, we could bring back TE in some form, even if it's the current form because if there aren't enough people to play it, at least they'll be pulled into another match without having to wait 30+ minutes for a TE match to initiate in a single queue.

Paladins was in open beta since mid-2015 and they're only just launching next week (mind you, they were in open beta on Steam, we just went a different route). In any event, the game will be ready when it's ready... and it'll be there by Steam.

LEFTIE_86#6104 posted (#post-218169) said:

I feel the need to ask because I never got a response to earlier mentions of this. I'm sure it's far out in projection, but is there any plans to integrate ps4 and pc players together? I know this is very much a possible feat and probably the only way to increase the playerbase enough to really cut down the long waits in between matches.
Also I would hope the devs would consider allowing credits to be used for ship xp to free xp conversion. Currently, I have thousands of xp that would cost upward of ten or more dollars to attain. This seems counter productive to having battle bonuses for recruit fleets but then completely decentivising the use of them. It also keeps me from using my gold on things I'd rather spend it on like customisation options.<

Regarding PS4/PC crossplay, that's a big challenge with multiple steps in between if that were to ever happen. That said, please tune into the dev stream tomorrow (or watch the VOD when we post it later) as some news will be shared that relates to having that path potentially happen some day.

As far as increasing the playerbase, tomorrow's discussions we hope will shed light on those plans too. For PS4, the region merge should greatly improve the queue times and we hope have more steps that will create an even better game overall that keeps people coming back with greater frequency.

Lastly, unfortunately conversion is our primary revenue generating mechanism. Unfortunately, not enough people buy vanity options to make that path alone a viable solution for the game. If we had 100X more players that might be viable, but we do not.

The battle bonuses at every tier are meant to accelerate your accumulation of XP (of any sort, convertible or not) and credits.

We'll have some more important news on this front in the May 2nd stream. Please stay tuned. It's going to get better and better. I promise.

I don't believe there's anything in the roadmap currently to address this but I've been a fan of the way Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 does it, where not only do you select your animation, but you can select up to four of them, and trigger them at will as bound to the arrow keys.

In any event, we have some massive fish to fry in 2018 at a core level (more news to come on that in a couple months), I'm sure we'll look into QOL clean ups like this as time allows.

At some point in the next couple months, we intend to remerge the PS4 regions so that matching and grouping between regions becomes possible. The work to do this has been underway for several months already (it is not trivial due to how entitements work between accounts in different regions and some other factors). We will have more news on this topic (but not completion of the task), I hope, in about a month.

Controller support on PC was disabled by the developers intentionally some time ago becuse it was never fully implimented. We hope that some day, a more fully featured controller support setup will be provided, but relative to other development priorities, it is very low on the list.

We have some changes coming in the future that will mitigate some of the issues you guys are highlighting a bit. We're still confirming with Yager on how and when it would be implimented so please bear with my evasive answer. When we have the plan firmed down a bit more, the community team will share it in a future update/news story.