And Welcome to you new guys. Thanks for playing with us.

Axcel. Thanks for this. Lots of thought went into this and I think that a lot of what you're looking for is being considered in the future. We'll make sure folks at Yager and Six Foot on the design team see it.

Looking at the bug database, Yager claims most of these issues are fixed in the next build (1.9.5) that will be deployed in a few weeks.

Few info about the ship before buy it, no chat outside the match, very bad radar, poor comm in game.

Solutions for all of these are coming... and are noted in the development roadmap.

It is a bit vestigial at the moment however, there are plans in the future to revamp captain progression to be more useful. We will preserve people's progression when those systems come online and apply it to whatever that new system becomes. So for now, it's a tracking mechanism.

Please be excited (but it's not a new class or carriers). smile

Praise bun bun...

This issue is supposed to be fixed in the 1.9 update (which is coming very soon... news on that our community team will share eminently). I say "supposed to be" as while we've tested it extensively, one can never tell until it's fully in the wild being beaten upon by thousands of players in the live environment.

Thanks for your patience on this point.

Just one additional note: we will be taking TE out of the "any" rotation in a future update. It is clearly a love it or hate it mode based upon the player data that we see. Personally I love it but if people want to play it, we'll want them to set up specifically for it. With AI slot filling, folks who want to play it will still be able to do so with reasonable queue times.

Certainly when custom matches come online in a few months, it will be an increasingly popular mode as you can set up fully premade teams.

Guys, for the fastest support, could you hit our customer support page and put in a ticket/call our customer support line?

They will be more than happy to help you.

For the person that was having performance issues, can you make sure you are running the most recent AMD or Nvidia drivers for your graphics card?