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So when is it going live? This update is the sole reason I'm checking the game out again.

The team is still testing these systems and working out more bugs. We'll have news regarding 1.8 (which includes Battle Bonus) "soon". I realize that's a very unsatisfactory answer but there's a lot of things that go into every milestone (not just a single system update).

We've got a lot of open positions at Six Foot in Houston and Berlin. In my experience we've found great people from within the game community so I wanted to highlight these positions here.

If you're interested, there's instructions on how to apply at each of the links. Good luck.

Edit - updated post to reflect current searches as the prior positions have been filled.

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The main issues we need fixed, Maintenance and kick back to hangar, what do we get? Minor quality of life update and minor bug fixed. 2 weeks for this?

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What about the problem with me crashing half the time I try to connect to a game and then get charged maintenance after wasting 8 minutes or so restarting my PC? Fair dos on fixing all the other bugs, but tbh spending half my game time dealing with crashes and maintenance charges for unplayed games is the main dealbreaker for me atm...


GB Put your heads on strait and think this through, oh mighty and wise gurus of DNG... Should we add more fufu and minor tweaks, OR, Fix the MAJOR game breaking bugs that are driving away players?...

Hmmm, let me put my thinking cap on here, this is clearly a tough choice......

eh, I got nothing.

Guys, as we state in the patch notes linked above, the very first thing under bug fixes... a fix for this issue we hope is in 1.7.1, which we will talk about very soon. It's not a trivial fix which is why it has it's own patch all by itself. We recognize this is a very important topic.

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I can't figure out the "warp into battle" achievement, I've warped in to a new game as recruit, veteran and legendary, I've warped in a ship in proving grounds and regular battle..

I cant think of anything else?

Hit escape to bring up the menu, click tutorial... complete tutorial and you've completed it. It takes just a few minutes.

We have so many things in the works... there's no intention of "stopping" development (or really, being "complete/done"). We're just getting warmed up.

Hassedo... check us out in a couple weeks. There's likely something more to your liking we'll be able to talk about.

What should happen is when we send out batches of codes, eventually, you will receive one (if you weren't in some of the first waves, don't worry, you'll get in soon). The code will be sent to you via email, which you will then take into the PlayStation store and select "redeem code". Enter the code and you should then be prompted to download the client to your PS4.

Welcome welcome!

You might have noticed a fair amount of media coverage on the PS4 hit last night that covers some of the upcoming features for the PlayStation 4 (including Havoc mode). Have a look at Polygon, IGN, Gamesbeat and others for some of those details. Part of the reason for our silence was to not undercut the media coverage that we knew was coming as a result of our media tours done in the US and Europe about two weeks ago.

As our first closed beta update nears release (I hesitate to give a date as there's a couple things we still need to fix before it's ready, we are slightly behind our originally planned schedule), we will get some more PS4 goodness to you. This next update is sizable relative to the first closed beta version and surely our community team will provide additional details once everything is locked and loaded. We have a whole separate team at Iron Galaxy assisting Yager with the PS4 version, so while it's getting updates, it's still going to be in closed beta for a good while yet as more and more systems/features and content come online.

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Really? Name some please, that's news to me. I might be missing out on some cool games.

For example, most Blizzard games (WoW, HOTS, Overwatch) uses TAB to rotate through specific channels that have been active (including whispers/tells from individuals you receive).

We have LOTS of things yet to improve in Dreadnought. Chat and other social systems are on the list though I can't at this time share how they will be improved or when. Our roadmap is long.