w00 open beta.

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could it be mirrored/uploaded elsewhere(youtube, for example) that does support playback at something lower

than whatever that stream was broadcasted at?

Roundtable on Youtube <-- click

with closed captions. (not perfect tho)


cant say I'm impressed with the state of the current patch release (technically speaking - not content) - from my perspective it appears QA had a different test build to what was released, I'm pretty sure they would not have allowed most of the patch issues through - particularly simple graphical/gui issues.

i would almost go as far as to ask was it even tested prior to release ?

come on guys - pull your socks up, this is pretty unprofessional.

been playing from AU (N-QLD) since the start - it has always been fine from here.

Jump on discord if you need a key - if you cant get one - I'll drop you one, i still have a few.

While I still have an open mind about it - the system needs to be tested by the FtP player base to test the earnings of in-game GP to see if it is a viable sustainable model

I believe it might work despite what many have said - as long as the FtP model gains are sufficient as to not become an excessive grind to get said GP

however this system can not be tested thoroughly in its current state as everyone has purchased everything during the 1fp celebration phase - it should have been introduced at the start of CBT.