I guess that problem's solved then, right?

@MCY Kedo, oh, now I see what you are referring to.

How long are you folks spending in recruit matches? I think I was in level 3 within days of playing the game. I guess I was assuming that anyone in this forum would be fairly experienced and therefore using the queue trick to masquerade as a Newby, not being an actual Newby needing to be shielded. So in that regard it wouldn't be a malevolent exploit.

But I didn't experience any of this hardship in the recruit circuit. This whole issue seems very overstated to me. I did get mistakenly put in novice matches when my squad mate selected the novice fleet by mistake. But that was human error.

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I guess you are wrong, since pulling recruits to veteran match happens to all players, newbies included. Sticking tier 1 ship to recruit fleet is a valid way to evade veteran matches with recruit fleet (note that you CAN NOT stick tier 1 ship to veteran fleet). There is plenty of reasons for not mixing tier 2s to veteran games, for example they might be newbies, they want to avoid imbalance, they need credits for purchase/maintenence etc.

Unclear syntax, what am I wrong about?

To me, the tier system is a bit of a headscratcher. What separates players should be skill, not stronger ships. Any unlockables should be easily overpowered by an experienced player. There's no point in penning off player groups in artificial brackets. Just let the matchmaking select people of comparable experience.

That being said, the game seems largely balanced to me - with the exception of the aforementioned by Seolis - mixing of tier2s with Tier4s. That seems just cruel.

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i found a way around the MM problem. Slot a single tier 1 ship in your Recruit fleet. As long as the tier 1 ship is slotted the game will only match you with Recruit matches regardless of whether the tier 1 ship is played or not.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but did you just advocate exploiting the game so that you get to stomp some inexperienced players? I hope you are sarcastically pointing out an exploit and not actually doing it. Beating new players sounds pretty boring to me.

Anyhow, Kathleen, I think that your proposed 5 sniper 5 corvette setup is interesting but unproven. First of all, there are only 8 ships on a team so it would have to be 4/4, not 5/5 :p. But I've never seen a team do this, so I can't speak to it's practical effectiveness. Once you prove your assertion, you can discuss a way to fix the problem, but as of right now it's completely hypothetical. Personally, I think you are ignoring the effectiveness of cover and tactical cruisers to break up the corv/art paradigm.

Warbreaker: Totally, and I agree that the vanity items are too expensive, given that they are class-limited.

I'm sure the devs are data mining the stats to get the right price point and I hope they get it right.

I agree with Drysyn that games need support, if we don't support them, they will make the sound business decision of pulling the plug.

Warbreaker, although it is true that this is a business, that doesn't mean that the is no heart to it. Despite many other ways they could make money, the developers chose to make their money by creating this game. There is nothing naive about recognizing the value in that.

I think maybe a subscription plan would be nice. You could have a system where as long as you subscribe for, lets say $15 a month, you get premium time and access to all vanity objects. If you stop subscribing, you lose access to the items you don't own outright.

That's not cool. It's just a paint job. Basic color for all ships should not exceed 500gp. Take an example from mechwarrior online who sell by the color regardless of chassis.

I can't tell if you are being sarcastic. I haven't seen a "purchase for all" option.

Don't bounce out of the discussion yet, you're on to something 😊. I think vanity items should apply to all ships. Knowing that they are limited to class may discourage purchases. I think I would be more liberal in my spending if I knew I could reuse them on any ship!