Have these new devs mentioned anything about possible new feautures or gameplay modes?

Well, good to hear that there is some hope for this game. We'll see what this patch offers.

Is the game dead? I haven't heard from developers on new plans or patches in months, and their Youtube channel is gone. What's going on?

Is the game dead?

Been a while since I've played, but a few useful tips that helped me.

  1. Never go solo, stay with your team, and focus fire (making a squad can help with this).

  2. Make abundant use of cover, never stay in the open.

  3. Don't quote me on this, but I think for balance reasons T3 primaries are actually slightly more accurate and have longer range.

And I probably should have asked this first, but do you have Dola or Otranto?

Yay! Havoc mode on PC!

Finally! Some action against the "Heal Ball"!

So any idea when we will see 1.11.1?

  1. Agree. Every other patch they do try something to improve MM, but it always has something about it that can be done better.

  2. Absolutely agree. These guns need to behave, sound, and feel more like a WWII battleship.

  3. Same as LYB - Foojub (My Jutland/Monarch never leaves the hanger without at least one build having stasis pulse).

Best thing from this update is we seems to be getting more T5 matches than before. My T5 fleet is now dust-free!!!