Only issue i'm really having is the UI. The sounds drown out everything else into a a whisper.

Yeah, I decided to wait and build up XP and Free XP before the change. Helped a little, but still.

My Jutland/Monarch will be very happy to have both warp jump and nuke sets ;D

Overall, proposed some good changes.

I know you mentioned you're not going to get to every change suggested in the Discord spreadsheet, but a few things I'd like to see in future updates.

Jutland/Monarch main guns (You guys must be sick of hearing this one) - I left a potential idea for how these guns should behave on the spreadsheet, I'd be over joyed if you took a look-see (cell A36).

Rams - There should be two damage values: damage for ramming at full speed, and at least 1/2 damage for "tapping" while not really moving at all.

flechette missles - It was said that all tiers of flechettes would get a range and velocity increase. This has yet to be seen.

Light Torpedos - Torps should come out of both ports on a dreadnought. Not really necessary for gameplay in my opinion, but it would be aesthetically pleasing.

Pulses - I'n not sure if this is a bug or a balancing measure, but if your shields are up you don't get the boost from weapon or armor booster pulse. Not to mention when active it prevents passive healing. I'd love to see a fix for this.

Dread Nukes - I completely understand why you guys did what you did to the Starling Nuke salvo, before 1.10 they completely outclassed regular nukes for damage and sometimes at range. However the damage reduction is just too steep even with module amplifier. Maybe what can be done is damage for Nuke Salvo could meet in the middle between 1.10 and pre-1.10, and then increase the cooldown to like 2 or 3 minutes. This will allow the Salvo to be a high powered & high cooldown module while giving the single nuke a niche with its faster cooldown and accuracy at range.

  • and the tilting bug (tiliting your ship and launching nukes makes them all hit locked on target) could be patched up.

And that is my two cents. Other than that, great job Devs and keep up the good work.

thnx for responding so fast!

Off topic, but will we see patch 1.11 or something for PC soon or will there just be a maintenence period for removing TE contracts?

I think the nerf on repair autobeams won't hurt healers as badly as people think. Repair pods are a solid repair module for me when healing multiple ships and with autobeams and beam amp's nerfed, tacs will be more encouraged to try other modules.

Same thing with the Starling. I think the mini nukes will still be a powerful module especially with module amp from the Dola, but now players will consider giving the broadsides and interceptors a try.

Overall I have good hopes for this update.

While the debuff on the Starling in my opinion may seem a little steep, it makes sense why they're doing it. As they are now they outclass the regular nukes in damage and cool down, and with module amplifier they become incredibly OP. One benefit that will come from the debuff is it will give the other primary modules a chance to shine a little.

Can't wait!!

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