I'm getting it too

Or when Battle Bonus goes into effect.

My response to Battle Bonus being almost here.

I like this idea! My fleet would appreciate that Cooldown!

Overheal#6645 posted (#post-127320)

I'm happy to see the 180 on maintenance. Badly needed it.

I'd like to contribute a brainstorming idea: battle-readiness could also include fleet perks, for example,

  • Fleet has 3 different types of Artillery Cruiser in it: all ships in fleet earn reload time reduction

  • Fleet has 3 different types of Corvette: fleet gets movement speed increase

  • Fleet has 3 different types of Tactical Cruiser: reduced time before automatic repairs begin out of combat

  • Fleet has 3 different types of Destroyer: increase in offensive module damage (missiles, broadsides)

  • Fleet has 3 different types of Dreadnought: increase in base armor value

  • Fleet has 1 of each ship type: cooldown reduction

  • Fleet is exclusively from Jupiter Arms: increased base damage for kinectic weapons

  • Fleet is exclusively from Akula Vektor: Passive healing/armor boost (The corporation's proprietary nano-armor tech)

  • Fleet is exclusively from Oberon: increased base damage for beam weapons

Since all players could utilize this it wouldn't be dreadfully imbalancing, and would instead incentivize players to collect different kinds of ships and enable you to put your thumb on the scale in ways that suit your individual play style.

YES!!!! Battle Bonus soon!!!!!!!

Matt89: Athos, Nevis, Feronia, Svarog, and Monarch. My T5 fleet is ready for Battle Readiness!

Really? They're integrating "battle readiness" that soon? I thought they said it would be a few months!

Unlocked Feronia, will soon acquire Zmey.

The problem is two things.

-Not everyone has a T5 ship yet

-The tremendous maintenance cost from losing is too much.

I think however once this "battle readiness" replaces the current maintenance system, meaning you will always gain something whether you win or lose and people unlock more T5 ships, we can expect more Legendary matches.