It's always really cool when the developers actually utilize a player's or fan's idea for their game.

Got my Athos & Nevis!

Game crashes during gameplay for me, shuts the whole program down.

So with Proving Grounds or career progression, we have an opportunity to earn GP without spending real money?

Best wishes in the bug squashing!

Really, you guys are having long wait times? I thought they've been getting faster with the 1.6 update.

Havoc mode for PC would be cool. My destroyer and Dreadnought would be right at home.

Goliath Torpedoes help too, especially if you hit a cluster of ships. You'll wind up with a lot of assist bonuses.

Matt89: Invictus Dreadnought

More on the way!

Just remember guys before you rage on the negatives of the patch, this is only a beta. There will always be something that needs to be fixed or done better.