The laucher tells me to go to steam. I go there and log in and it tells me that it needs a third party system from grey box to link my account. I go there and it just points me back to steam. What am i missing?

I will admit that I haven't gotten to t-3 yet almost maybe two or three games away but suicide runs just don't sound smart as far as a team play. Sure you could take down one or two but doing this over and over can't be that rewarding. Plus If i see it happen once a quick change of strategy and I am sure this can be countered.

I recently played a game where a team of three destroyers would run full speed at our fleet which was clustered and they would attempt to run in drop nukes charge their weapons and take us down. At first yes they succeeded but after that we all changed they way we were playing and set up a "kill zone" if you will. letting a dreadnought at the back of the fleet to act as bait to bring them in with another dreadnought two destroyers and an artillery cruiser took stayed in cover and let them come into our sights.

They made two more passes and both times we took all three with no lose of our own.

I have just started this game and although I can not speak for the difference in play/community styles over a long period of time I will say this.

As long as you pick a strategy and stick to it you can be a big help to your team!

I find myself using my destroyer (which I love for its versatility) to fill defensive roles or to help gain offensive ground.

If I have a team that has a solid mix of ships and we are all clumped together in one ball I will use my ship to crowd the flanks of the enemy /protect our flanks. Its easy enough to get low and sneak up on a enemy dreadnought who is doing the peak/shoot/hide/recover repeat mix and wait for him to need to recover. then pop out and deal some damage.

Or run the long flank to try and score a artillery cruise kill or two. (god I wish destroyers had cloaks!)

However if we have a team that plays spread out I will usually tag along with a friendly dreadnought and try to out pace our opponents. My main goal at that point is to harass the enemy at least long enough for my dreadnought to bring them down. The key in all of these situations is to NOT do the SUICIDE RUN.

I hate/love enemy destroyers and dreadnoughts that run past cover and safety of their alleys to try and drop a nuke and just kill everyone. It always ends bad for them and cost their teams points.

The corvettes are the only ships that should do this.

In the end even playing on a team that isn't working together you can change your tactics to best match

Love the game but sometimes its a little to easy to forget the size of the behemoth ships. I believe that by making some changes to the sounds of the game would easily fix this.

Add some creaks and moans and make the louder when the ships kick in some after burners. Make the ship come to life as the steel of these ships strain to take the weight of these massive ships.

The guns would come to life if they jarred your teeth as these hulking cannons Hurl huge projectiles towards you enemies.

And lastly when these ships blow up it should be felt through the entire map. I am thinking some thing resembling this

Imagine the thunder clap echoing around the entire map signalling to all the ships and their crews that a alley or a foe has been destroyed.

Anyway that is really the only big suggestion I have smile

I love this game, the only thing that I believe that you need to besides the obvious more ships and maps stuff plus maybe some more lore and background would be to make the ships feel as big. They do a good job of making you feel like you commanding this large vessel but simple things like creaks and moans from these massive warships as the steel buckles from the stress of moving around to maybe momentum that will care you. But the easiest way i believe you could accomplish this is by modified the cannon sounds so they are louder and by changing the way these ships blow up.

I believe that they should explode with a loud thunder clap that is felt on the entire map. and using this video from lord of the rings I believe this could be used in the fusion drives of these ships as they go nuclear.

literally blowing the ship away from the core.

I love the game play and yeah more tactical game modes would be nice