We're still looking into the issue. It's pretty inconsistent and happening at the most random moments. Please bear with us while we continue to track it down. <3

Russell#3534 posted (#post-239536) said:

Thanks for the heads up. I was doing a small research and found out this link which explains this error, can you kindly have a check and let me know if performing these steps would help in my next try.

It's certainly a possibility, but I wouldn't know as it depends on your setup. Again, I'd recommend reaching out to Steams customer support to help you further. You can contact them here.

Please contact our support team and submit a ticket right here. It'll help us get more information on the detail and hopefully get it resolved.

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s_dali#5983 posted (#post-239227) said:

Is there a snowballs chance this issue will ever be fixed?

It most certainly will be. The issue is that it's unfortunately not a simple fix, it's actually fairly intricate. Our team is still looking into it and investigating.

If you continue to experience this issue, please provide your details here. We're trying to compile as much information as possible.

HnKG36#9378 posted (#post-239228) said:

Or, if i would go through "view in market", game redirects me to "buy in-game currency" section.
What's going on?

Please contact our support team to help you further. You can submit a ticket here.

We're glad y'all are enjoying it! There's much more to come!

This sounds like a potential issue with Steam's servers. I'd recommend uninstalling, and attempting again. If the results do not change, I'd reach out to Steam's customer service as we unfortunately don't have any control of their downloads and service.

A 15 minute queue time is bizarrely long without finding anything in multiple fleets...

Typically Veteran queues are decently populated, however, our traffic does fluctuate based on the time of day in which you're playing.

If you ever experience long queues again, I recommend queueing for the "ANY" game type. If that doesn't help, try searching "ANY" using other Fleets. If you see no improvements, I'd contact our Customer Support team here.

Yes, as the above have mentioned, please submit a ticket to our Customer Support team, you can do that right here.