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But my username and password won't be affected or will it?

They won't be affected! smile

Hey captains! We've posted a new article going over closed beta account resets and what to expect from them as we approach Progression 2.0. Please go check it out whenever you have a chance, and as always your feedback is appreciated! smile

The correct link is: so feel free to enter it there. You can also call them directly at 1-844-473-9269.

I'll go ahead and make sure that link gets resolved and you get helped out! Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for reporting the link issue.

Glad you're enjoying it captain! smile

Make sure to check out our streams as well! Thor was planning on having a few extras on hand to give away.

This is awesome Thunderchild! Thank you for sharing your experience! Sounds like you had a blast! smile

Hey everyone! If you missed the stream this morning the vod is now available on our Twitch page! Feel free to watch it here...

Here's a bit of a transcript of the questions asked and the answers received. Not ALL of them are present, so I'd suggest checking the vod out when you get a chance! But here's what we have...

*Q = Question

- T = Timm

- P = Peter

*Q: At the moment there's very little information regarding what player uses and what can used because of the

way the information is presented. Is Progression 2.0 going to resolve this issue? Or could

it be adjusted in the future?

- T: It has been a concern in the community for a long time, but unfortunately with this huge change coming to Dreadnought

(Progression 2.0) there's actually no room to do it right now. It's on our radar and we hear you, but unfortunately the way

we've implemented it right now, isn't as precise as some people would've wanted. We will get to it, it's something

that has been requested repeatedly.

- P: This is something we want to put on the road map as well, we have it on the radar, we just need to get it onto our road map

to make sure it gets taken care of. Though there are other things that will be taken care of first.

*Q: What is some advice you can give players that have never tested a game as far as effectively report issues

while not doubling up on some already known issues?

- T: I guess a good general tip for people that report issues is to make sure you're always objectively descriptive

about what happened and do not interpret what you think should be or would happen, because that just kind of makes

it weird for some people to understand. Our team here knows the game pretty well, but if there's a solid description

it makes it easier for everyone here to understand and follow up on it.

- P: It's also really important to make sure that your steps to reproduce the bug are incredibly accurate and

descriptive. So much so that anyone following those steps could reproduce it without any issues. The more info

the QA team has, and the more precise everything is, the better.

*Q: In the current build the descriptions for modules and briefings are extremely brief and sometimes incorrect.

Are there any plans to make these descriptions more accurate and informative for the player?

- T: It is something that we definitely have on our radar. With Progression 2.0 we're putting so much new content into the game

that our number one priority is to make sure that it's there and done.

*Q: What are the general differences between the manufacturers in terms of ship styles and personality?

- P: The tendencies are already there, for example we have House Oberon which is more on the lighter side of things, a bit more stylish in terms of design.

On the other side we have Jupiter Arms which are more built to last, more sharp edges visual wise, more Battlestar Galactica inspired designs, and

are a bit slower. All the manufacturers will feature a wide range of different ships depending on what you go for.

*Q: Will there be customization of your in-game avatar that is unique to a captain's preferred manufacturer?

- T: Yes, just like with our ships, there will be options to go completely down one path if you chose to. So if you wanted to go all Jupiter Arms, you most

definitely could. But we're also making it so the player can mix it up if they'd like, so they could mix Oberon, Akula, and Jupiter Arms and be a pirate

of sorts. We have these manufacturers and entities within the Dreadnought world, so they obviously will be uniformed for them.

- P: Exactly, we want to be able to give players the ability to express themselves as captains.

*Q: There seems to be a lot of concern regarding the ship tiers and the matchmaking brackets having multiple tiers in them. When you go up a tier, do the

raw numeric stats of the ships increase? Or does it just increase your choices and change the handling of the ships? How big are those gaps going to be approximately?

- T: There are no definitive pieces of data I can give as an answer at this time. However I can say that we plan on increasing the option that you have to

customize your ship, the potential of having different builds, and the handling and movement of the ship. The numeric raw power will increase as well, the idea is that

a player who is good and is for example tier 2, but plays against a player than isn't that good but is tier 3, that tier 2 player can defeat them.

*Q: How will this affect teams? For example, if Team A has three tier 3 ships and two 2 tier ships and Team B has four tier 2 ships and one tier 3 ship, is

Team B going to be at a significant disadvantage?

- T: The idea here of course for us is that the tiers are equally matched. We want to preserve the sense that it depends on how you play with your team, and

how you interact with them will affect how well you pull through to win.

*Q: Are there any updates around the time of Progression 2.0 that are going to allow captain's to see structural integrity and energy levels of their teammates

without having line of sight?

- T: It's a topic we've discussed before, we want to strike the balance here, it's quite intentional that you don't see all of the information easily. Because

a part of being a good player is situational awareness and if we give all the information at hand we don't just create a cluttered UI. We want players to

work together as a team and really communicate to pull through every match.

*Q: It looks like there's a lot of work involving the tiers to fully develop your entire ship with all the choices you have. How much work is an average

player going to spend in a single tier to complete their ship to their satisfaction before moving on?

- T: So there's no actual definitive answer we can give at this time, there's no fixed number that we have. But it's something Peter said before, our intent

is to make sure the game isn't an unbearable grind.

- P: We are in a closed beta situation still, and hopefully we'll get it in front of all of you so you can take a look at it. But like Timm said, we have to

find that balance and make sure it's something that everyone is happy with.

*Q: Will there be brand new content that hasn't been released yet? If so, what category would get the most new content? Vanity items? Maps? Ships and abilities?

- T: Ships or abilities, with the work going on right now we're multiplying the number of ships and abilities we currently have. So there will be tons of variations.

- P: There are definitely going to be maps as well, we certainly haven't shown everything.

*Q: Are there 50 unique ships? Or 50 variants of the original 15 ships?

- P: It's kind of both. In a way if you look at destroyers, they are variations, but they still unique ships. With the ship tiers it's a similar approach,

it's closer to a variation but they're still very different ships.

- T: It is quite similar to how we approached the subclasses before, where they share the main attributes, like where the destroyer is still a destroyer. But throughout

the tiers it won't just change how they look, but how they control, and what their primary weapons are. We want these ships to look and feel different from one another.

*Q: How many total maps are currently in development?

- P: I mean, just in terms of pure multiplayer maps there are currently 6.

*Q: Give us another description on how freely you'll be able to switch your ships in a match. As far as total loadouts allowed, and if you'll be able to switch

between tier levels. For example, you have the third tier of a ship in your loadout before a match, but you want to switch to the fourth tier because of the

flow of the match.

- T: This is definitely something that will be easier to talk more about when Progression 2.0 is out and we can begin to tune, but I can at least give you

our thought process. Our intention is that the way you play the game in-game doesn't change because we're doing Progression 2.0, like we all love the core of our game

and how it plays. So you will still be able to respawn with any ship from the fleet you brought with you. We now have three fleet types that you can bring with you

into battle and the fleet you take into battle is the range of possibilities you have. All the ships you have in that fleet you'll be able to swap between freely like you did


- P: You essentially are bringing your deck of ships into a battle where you can freely swap between them there.

*Q: What are the future plans for ribbons?

- P: Currently ribbons are an additional positive reinforcement to do cool things in-game, and we love them for that. There were and are plans to expand on

the system, but it's still early to talk about it.

- T: For Progression 2.0 we want to treat them slightly different, purely with the intent of us wanting to facilitate them a bit more and change their


*Q: What are the plans for the clan system in the game?

- T: We have one on our road map, but just like previous questions, our primary focus at the moment is Progression 2.0. We want all of these things, we're

just want to make sure 2.0 is as good as it can be before moving to other things.

- P: But it is really awesome to see players already creating their own clans and acting on it, it shows us how important it is and how much everyone wants it.

- T: This is stuff we've talked about internally several times.

*Q: Will we have a chance to try out Progression 2.0 before open beta starts?

- T: Yes

- P: Yes, we actually really want you to as well.

- T: That's the thing, the sooner we can give it to you and put it in your hands, the better the outcome for us.

*Q: Will the cosmetic enhancement geometry apply to new ships that spread throughout the tiers in 2.0 be available to apply to other ships once they're unlocked?

Like the hero geometry is now, will there be an option to mix geometry from different sets?

- T: So generally yes. The idea is that at the end of tier 5 we go complete haywire, and you're completely as free to unlock and use all the different

customization options. Same as before that when you buy a Hero Ship that those will be then available for you as well.

There's a good chance we'll do another one of these in the future, so if your question was missed there will definitely be a next time!

Hey everyone! On our Developer Livestream this Thursday (July 28th) we'll be hosting a Q&A panel of sorts. Peter Holzapfel of Yager will be present, along with a few members of the community team. We want you to submit whatever questions you may have down below, we may even be giving out GP for some of the best ones. smile We look forward to seeing you there!

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Yo captains! By any chance have any of you witnessed this as of late? Or are you able to still reproduce it? Let me know whenever you can, please! Appreciate it!

Got fixed in the last patch, tried it with Destroyers (Stasis Ammo + Retaliator) and Dreadnoughts (Armor Breaker Ammo + Retaliator) did not occur anymore.

Everyone can test it, it occured once a module that modified your primary weapons (Stasis Ammo, Armor Breaker Ammo) was on cooldown and your shields got hit, then the Retaliator perk did reduce not only module cooldown but also weapon cooldown thus creating the infinite rate of fire.

Thanks for the info! Appreciate it!