I'd highly recommend checking out the Discord, that way you can get the exact answer you're looking for. You can reach it here:

There are a number of beginner's guides, posts, and a number of other things that can be pretty helpful as well. But going to Discord would also be a great opportunity to warm up to the community.

s_dali#5983 posted (#post-234130) said:

It would probably help if you put a support ticket in as well.

Please do this! You can find the link in my signature. Also, if you could, in any situation, provide as much information as you could. The time you played, the map, the mode, etc. It will help us even more so.

I'd recommend reaching our to our support team to do some digging. Load times should never be too extensive. You can submit a ticket here:

Currently, market updates have days between both platforms, but we're working to make the gap between both platforms smaller, and smaller.

You can expect the latest market items that have appeared in Steam's latest update, to come to PS4 around the time of the next update.

We appreciate the feedback Guardian! Our teams are actively digesting feedback, and working on bugs discovered on both platforms. We have a lot of changes coming to balance, tiers, and the game overall in the near future. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive the latest updates. We'll also be doing our Monthly Upload stream tomorrow at 1PM CST on Twitch, where we'll be talking about what to expect in the updates coming later this month! Thanks for the support!

Welcome aboard! As mentioned above, check out the Dreadnought Discord too! You can locate it here:

Appreciate the feedback Herosupport! We'll carry that sentiment on. Glad you're happy with the changes and the direction we're going in. There's a lot more to come!

There shouldn't be any issues with purchases at the moment. If you continue to experience this, please submit a ticket to our support team here:

That's really strange. I appreciate the heads up! If you could, please contact our support team, it can help us figure out more about the issue at hand. You can submit a ticket here:

Glad you all enjoyed it! It's certainly something that we'd like to bring around from time to time.