I as well! Welcome to those coming aboard, we're happy to have you!

We're going through some changes here, but we're just getting started.

mathiasatva#6280 posted (#post-238830) said:

outstanding, thanks Bros belial!

I didn't think an armor option in internal was a bad idea at all, quite the contrary!

but 15 sec was a bit much...

You're right, and we knew it needed to be taken care of. After the next hotfix it should be much more tolerable.

There was a minor hiccup around that timeframe, it should be better now. If you continue to experience any issues please let us know here, or contact our Customer Service.

You can submit a ticket to them here.

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-235325) said:

I looked into the game after the update, quit after I saw that the performance was down to 20 fps. Dreadnought ran smoothly before, I have not changed settings, yet I receive 20 frames in matches. I contacted support but no answer so far.

There should be nothing from the latest update that would impact your experience. Especially so drastically. Reaching out to support was the right path to take. As mentioned on Twitch, personally I haven't heard a roar regarding a loss in performance, but I am really curious to know where that came from, and how.

Gatlock#2851 posted (#post-234853) said:

I just tried to day even the keybord controls seem buggy or slow... I prefure the controller for most games... I was able to do decent with a controller in my first match but confusing dont even know what im hitting... so would be nice if that stuff got fixed though game seems to need alot of work to me.

There shouldn't be any issues with keyboard controls or responses. If you continue to experience any oddities there, please contact our support team here:

As for controllers, as mentioned in the previous comment, they aren't fully supported yet. Sure, they may be functional, but they're not fully supported by any means. I'd recommend not using controllers on Steam/PC at all until they're fully supported.

Controllers DO "work" however the functionality has not been properly implemented just yet. It's something our team does want to work on in the future, however we're not quite there yet. Not to mention there are some other things that our team wants to accomplish before then.

We can't provide a solidified time frame at this time, however, we are looking to provide a roadmap in the future that could give an idea of what to expect down the road. So keep an eye out for that!

We appreciate the continued support bud.

If any of you continue to experience this issue, could you please contact our support team? You can reach them here:

As Belial has mentioned, and just to confirm, there are some things coming to celebrate the winter holiday. Be on the look out on our social channels for more info!

Did you complete a match, and not receive XP? Are you randomly missing days of Elite Status? Are you experiencing another technical related issue? If so, please try and provide the following details to our CS team.

  • What platform you're playing on

  • The time & date of when you experienced the issue

  • What game mode you were playing

  • What map you were on

  • What fleet you were using

Providing the details above can help us locate, isolate, and potentially fix the issue much faster. We appreciate your cooperation!

You can submit a ticket to our CS team right here.

theleo91386#1019 posted (#post-234122) said:

You're fixing bluescreens, awesome. Just started getting black screens, infinite load screens, and unable to pick my ship yesterday after your monthly upload broadcast. My experience with all the glitches (post command colossal) has me close to deleting this game. It was fun before that, with the occasional crash before a match but things are really getting out of hand lately.

We're actually wanting more information on those situations whenever they occur. So if you experience them again, please contact our support team with the time it occurred, map you played, and what game type. The more information we have, the better. You can contact our support team using the link in my signature.

The update we pushed yesterday should help with a lot of these issues, but please continue to do what was mentioned above if you experience those issues again, or any thing new.