Region lock is most certainly not a thing anymore on PS4. It was in the beginning, though that passed after we announced our region merge. I'd question the time zones to be quite honest. Especially with us having so many international players. It's a great thing of course, but it makes it harder for all of those players to play together as a result of their time zones.

As always, if you ever experience lengthy queues for any reason, I'd stick to the "Any" game mode, and mix your fleets up.

When you first logged in to Dreadnought on Steam you may notice some unexpected Elite Status attached to your account if it was previously purchased. This was not a mistake. Every player that purchased Elite Status prior to Steam launch received additional Elite Status. The number of days you receive is based on your previous purchase history.

There’s also some other compensation gifts on the way! We’ll be providing more details as soon as we have them locked into place.

Don’t worry PlayStation 4 players, you are not left out, and will be receiving your own compensation. You can expect these details in the future.

Thank you all, again, for your continued patience and support. See you in orbit! o7

We know that Steam launch was unexpectedly bumpy, but fortunately we were able to stabilize it in a timely manner. However, because we know that period was rough, we wanted to let you all know how much we appreciated you hanging in there, and continuing to support us.

So, if you logged into Steam within the timeframe of our launch period, you are eligible to receive the following...

  • 7 days of Elite Status

  • 50,000 Free XP

Don't worry PlayStation 4 players, you're not left out. We'll be talking about your compensation details in the near future.

We will continue to do what we can to ensure that you're all taken care of, that will never change. Thanks again for everything everyone! Here's to above and beyond! o7

There was a small snag, we were pushing compensation for the make good, it should all be good now! Please relaunch and relog.

We appreciate the support Insidious_Wheat! Yeah, the audio bug is a nasty one, fortunately we already have our teams working on the fixes!

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling yet? I believe that you're the only person we've seen reporting this at the moment. Maybe there's a possibility the download was corrupted...

Our Command The Colossal update has officially hit PlayStation 4 and our servers are live and ready to go! We appreciate everyone's patience and support that was given while we worked to get this patch out of our hangar!

Curious to know about what the Command The Colossal update is bringing to PS4? Check out the patch notes right here:

We have put together a list of the current known PS4 bugs/issues that you can view on our forums here:

With the Command The Colossal patch hitting PS4, we wanted to share with you a list of known issues that our teams are actively working on, and hope to fix ASAP. You can view them below...

  • Players may crash during gameplay when a severe number of Flak Turrets or other VFX-heavy modules are used at the same time. This occurs very rarely.

  • When multiple modules are activated at the same time at close range, game audio can become distorted.

  • Subsequent swipes to control the Energy Wheel will display the incorrect input in the on-screen HUD. This is a visual bug only, functionality with the Energy Wheel remains the same and responds appropriately.

  • Players who started prior to the ‘Command the Colossal’ update may see a tutorial pop-up screen that is not dismissable when first launching the game. Logging out and back in resolves this.

  • Rewards for completing Contracts are granted at the End-of-Match screen rather than when “completing” the contract back at the Hangar.

  • Game will take a few second to “load” when accessing the Manufacturer Tech Tree or Market in the Hangar.

  • Player who purchases the Welcome Bundle or the Burnt Sky Collection on PSN will see their currency get credited right away (Welcome Bundle), but their items (ships/vanity) may take a relog to see.

If you run into new issues and require assistance, please feel free to contact our support team here.

As always, we appreciate everyone's patience, support, and feedback! This is all but a small step for us, but there is still more to come. See you in orbit captains! o7

Very welcome man! Anytime!

There are no IP bans on our end. But we've noticed issues happening with folks in other countries, and/or using a VPN. Our teams are actively working on these issues and hoping to find a fix as soon as possible. If you could, please contact our support team here:

They'll ask you for files that will help us track and isolate the fixes.