Well ... despite the nerf in the artillery, I believe that it has balanced, but you still run the risk of taking an IK with a module that takes 15k of hp (blink ram: "ez pz ...") and another one that it takes 12k of hp for 3000m, of course you can still use your shield, but when you are using the zoom you will hardly be able to absorb the damage thanks to the distractions on the battlefield, but I think it would be interesting to present unique improvements for each module, type one or two, for example in the own bombers, if there was an improvement like adding camouflage in the jets or increasing its speed / resistance, do this with all the modules to create a greater singularity, to try to break the combination whenever the Most ships use it, you end up seeing a lot of it because it is a recipe that works fine, other modules combinations are not even tried because it creates a zone of comfort. A good example can be seen with tatics (ex: art pod, fl echetts, overclok, which by the way is absurdly OP and I can not imagine why it has not yet taken a nerf.) Still good! XD

Hello, my main complaint is in relation to the number of inexperienced players with access to tier 3 or 4, on the one hand I understand that it is annoying to have to take so much time to catch a ship of superior tier, however that time it serves the player to acquire the necessary experience, I am frequently playing in games with scores: 12/70, 20/96. And this is not only a defeat, but a victory where the enemy team either destroys or is totally destroyed, as players will acquire tier 3 ships very easily, but in contrast the costs of tier 3 and 4 modules are ridiculous compared to other players who already had t3 or t4 and who have already had the opportunity to buy even the basic improvements (transition ex: nav t4 with t3 modules) is a very high parameter change, t2 module costs for module costs t3, clear at the beginning of a new tier is normal to have difficulties, but now it seems that the bridge only increased ...

Please reconcile this new technological tree.