Its simple. Everyone exploit it until its removed or fixed.

By not using it you are simply putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.

Completely agree with the above.

Healing points are fine but they need to look at the other aspects of the game.

Dreadnoughts who absorb damage do get a reward but its so small and irregular its non existent. They need rewards for absorbing damage and also intercepting missiles aimed at others.

Support Modules need more recognition. You get nothing for draining, Slowing or even Disrupting.

If they upped the reward for other roles more diverse ships will be seen instead of just brinigng ships to damage.

This in turn will see Supportive tac cruisers been used which in turn reduces the impact and idea that Corvettes are so broken.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-121579)

I'm really enjoying the game, really great fun, but I agree, some weapons are underwhelming to the point of useless, like the flack cannons on the Destroyers.

All the weapons have their roles. The problem being the short ranged weapons are truly short range but the long range weapons can perform at close range anyway.

The Flak Cannons are another problem, THey output huge amounts of damage, They cannot up the range on them due to this but corvettes can do what they need to from beyond flak cannon range.

Hell_rabbit#0438 posted (#post-121712)

If they change tiers from 5 to 10 or 20, we will play for years to get to last tier because rewards too small.

Agree that they, for some reason, took away ability to jump to enemies (target warp jump module), the same with destroyers since patch 1.6.1, and now, destroyers become easy targets for artillery cruisers.

But corvettes dominating, blow up all that they want and go away with several scratches.

Tier changes wont be coming, They will be milking what they can from "premium" ships and Elite purchases.

Think those abiulities are disabled temporarly due to bugs.

Corvettes dont dominate unless you allow them to do so.

Slimak81#0619 posted (#post-40917)

AMD 280 3.8 Ghz 4GB RAM GTX 960 2GB cant hadnle this game even on minim. I got 40 fps from start and dropping down to 9fps when intensive battle. Is some optimization expected to come?

I know my computer is bad but i run Warthuder and World of warships on high with average 50 fps that is more then comfortable.

What for is creating such a game for high end computer users only? If most of ppl cant handle it then online is expected to be low.

Errr thats not bad, Check drivers and such because you should be able to maintain 60 FPS and check your settings adjust them to match, You dont have to play on Ultra.

  • i5 2500k @3.8ghz

  • Radeon HD 5950

  • 8gb Ram

That is my old system which is not about 6 years old and that managed to maintain FPS on low settings.

Thats a pretty standard setup, The mines offer deterence to Rams, Corvettes, and Dreadnoughts warping into the team.

Anyone approaching a flank is dettered and anyone trying to get into the group is detterred.

My Tac cruisers runs Beam Amp, Healing Pods, Repair AUto Beams and Armor Lockdown. The beam amplifier alone is enough to completely remove Corvettes from the game.

People are still claiming these corvettes are Op...

They are OP against the ships they are intended to cause problems for. The second one of your support ships realizes their potential even with just standard beams at 5km the corvettes will stop making such easy work. Furthermore you have player positioning to question, Corvettes thrive on lone or exposed targets.

Vindicator#5138 posted (#post-121839)

MCY Kedo#9579 posted (#post-121795)

Vindicator, your statement is false. NO ship in game needs special setup to couter (it just helps if you have one, same goes against warping heavy dreadnoughts, ramming destroyers, evasive snipers etc.), corvettes included. EVERY ship in game needs players to focus, cooperate and pay attention. Also, heve you even viewed that video? Enemy had 2 corvettes and goliathcharging destroyers, my latency was quite high (CZ -> mid US) etc.

You kidding me? Using palos with mines (in your video) is NOT special setup vs corvettes?! Art cruiser vs corvette or destroyer vs corvette is much more interesting to see than beam ship which was ignored by corvettes altogether.

Thats a pretty average combat setup. Less healing but more damaging potential, The mines deter Ramming, Corvettes and Tac cruisers deploying Nuke mines in the group.

My Harwich runs 2 Healing modules, 1 Beam Amplifier and Armor Lockdown. Yet it reliably shuts out corvettes.

I mean you really think Corvettes are so broken?

They are only broken when completely ignored and left to do what they want. Which can be said about the heavy Tac cruisers with only healing beams, If they are left alone they are incredible at doing their role...

Vindicator#5138 posted (#post-121777)

Same again and again NO ship in the game needs special setup to counter except corvette and THIS must change. Yeah i must take beam healer and get special modules to counter ONE corvette. ALL of this will be useless vs TWO of them or god forbid three. Also keep in mind with high ping targeting corvette is close to impossible but reverse is not true as ship is too big target to miss.

COrvettes are perfectly fine.

Any any of the tac cruisers with a damaging beam can deal with them and keep them at bay. You can build to counter them to such levels that you can just wipe the floor with them in a matter of seconds and I mean seconds.

The Harwich can easily take on 2 corvettes and kill them even 3 is possible but your gonna be hurting and burning modules.

My Harwich has 2 healing modules equipped and it takes less then 3 seconds to killa corvette with just beam amp and briefly putting energy to weapons.

Given my Armor Lockdown lasts for more 4 or more seconds Thats almost 2 full kills before they can actually kill me. 2 Corvettes is easy, 3 is definitely doable.

MCY Kedo#9579 posted (#post-121692)

like this:

Mind if I link your video in the guide?

Fortune#8310 posted (#post-121596)

Appreciate you trying to be helpful to new players. But If players need to come online and read a guide in order to make "Corvette's fair" but they don't need to come online and read a guide in order to make every other class fair....haven't you already lost the argument?

Its got nothing to do with "corvettes being unfair" its that people are simply unaware of the counters and are effectively "uneducated"

I also didnt read a guide, I noticed corvettes causing me and my team problems looked through the trees and played witha few ships to find what worked. If the guide means I save someone time of unlocking and trying a few ships great.

Otherwise it educates people that Corvettes are not a problem.

Corvettes are perfectly fair, people just dont realize they can be completely shut down by one of the line of ships. mainly because its a Tactical cruiser line and among the least played ships in the game. This alone is the reason people believe "Corvettes are OP"

If you didn't have any corvettes in the game imagine how "OP" Artillery Ships would be considered.