Actually, I leave matches when the team I am on is obviously going to win, or sometimes I use a T4 fitted with T3 mods.

If I am thrown into a match with a squad that is on my team, I will sometimes leave as well, because while they are not working with the team they are only supporting each other.

I also leave matches when it's obvious the other team is going to win and their is absolutely nothing that can be done to win the match.

These matches in my opinion are not a challenge, nor fair either to my team or the other. I want fair matches where it's tactics, ship fittings, teamwork that make the difference. Not a team working within a team ignoring others on their team, nor matches where the other side has a squad and because of the matching system the other team has no AI where mine does.

My intent is not to support a matching system that creates unfair matches. I play plenty where my team is the underdog. I also strictly play solo. Just yesterday when I made this post, I played 10 matches regardless of how the teams were skewed where my teams lost 10 times in a row. Even if I am personally the worst player in the game, that should never ever happen but because a squad was matching against my teams every time, it did.

I am here to have fun, to play fair matches that are a challenge. Not matches where they are not a challenge because the outcome on my opinion is already skewed in favor of the other team or mine is favored against the opposing team. I don't like easy wins, I don't like obvious losses and I refuse to contribute to a broken matching system. In my opinion that is buying into a broken system and accepting it the way it stands.

Put me on blast as much as you would like. I follow my own standards, you may not agree nor like them but that's how I play.

I never said anything about punishing anyone. Removing squads for a few months prior to Steam launch is not punishing people.

As well, people playing Legendary matches state in public chat that they are flying solo, because they know as we all do that squads skew the matching system even more. If the community recognizes this as an isse, and people who otherwise would play in squads understand that by doing so people don't want to play Legendary as solo players, then why have squads until we have a player base to support it?

Sometimes you have to take a step back, before you can take two forward.

Regardless, it was a suggestion and in my opinion I don't believe the people making the decisions are going to do anything about this. In part because it's difficult to take away a benefit once given without replacing it with something better.

I'm not asking anymore friends to play until these issues are resolved, I know far too many people who have quit trying to grind from T3 to T4 because of the matching system issues that are far worse when squads are involved.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-222135) said:

How to kill tac's 101.

first get really close to them. Then hit them with a drain, disrupt or purge. then hit them with spike damage for instance storm missiles and flak on a destroyer, a PBS/BBS light torpedos and repeters/flak with a dread, torp salvo and main guns with a corvette.

These are some of the ways to do it alone. if people play as a team, it will be even easier.

This, exactly this. I use destroyers with jump, storms and drain. Works amazingly well.

In my opinion, TAC ships are balanced about as good as they possibly can currently. I fly both TAC ships and other ships. For every ship, in my opinion, there is an effective counter that some other ship can employ to good effect. You just need to find the right ship/fit.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-222116) said:

Removing squads would remove the people who want/like playing with there friends. This in turn will lower the player count, and add more AI into matches making them less balanced/fun.

You are right, absolutely right, those people who currently are benefitting from an unfair matching system will then have to work harder, just as hard as everyone else. Although not nearly as hard as people who are not in squads, fighting against teams with squads, but at least it will be more fair. It's my opinion that far more people leave the game because of squads, than would leave the game because they were removed. And those that leave if squads are removed, are people who want to benefit from a skewed matching system that allows them to level much faster than others. To be fair, there will be some that might leave because they cannot play with their friends, in squads, but if we are being honest I think people who enjoy the game will stay, wait the time until we have a larger player base that can support squads while being fair. It's my personal opinion that almost all who might leave if this were to take place, are those who are unfairly benefiting from the squad/matching system the way it currently is and having to grind just as hard as everyone else.

People in squads who regularly win matches, level up much faster than people who are not in squads. I have played in squads myself, and have experienced this exact point. I can make a lot more points playing in a squad that stomps all over new players, or teams made up of solo players than I can on a team of solo players.

I could easily join squads, I am asked all the time. But for me, it seems incredibly unfair to benefit from the system the way it is currently at the cost of people leaving the game because of it. I have friends that play this game, people I know from other games and in real life that I have encouraged to play this game. I would like to squad up with them, but not the way the system currently is.

Honestly, I want to see the player base increase. I finished maxing out all my T3 ships awhile back. I can always choose to leave unfair matches before they start. But considering how many people leave the game, because of the matching system, and considering we are coming up on Steam launch my personal opinion is that those who experience the matching and squad system the way it currently is, will leave the game as they do now.

I understand there are plans in place to change the matching system. But that will not prevent people from leaving until that time, nor will it encourage more players to join or stay.

If I am being honest, and honestly wish to see Dreadnought succeed, then honestly in my personal opinion this seems to me to be the smart move.

People in squads, who regularly play in squads, are benefitting from the system that is in place currently and do not wish for it to change. I understand. Nobody wants to experience an even harder grind than it already is. But they are the only people who benefit from the skewed matching system in regards to squads.

And as I have stated above, people looking for Leg matches, are advertising in chat that they are playing solo, not in squads, just so they can get a Leg match. To me, that means clearly that Squads are being avoided just so they can get those matches. If we are considering these things logically, if people are in fact avoiding squads on purpose this means they are not working as intended, nor working at all, and we might all be better off if they were removed at least until we have a player base that can support a fair matching system that includes squads.

If we are thinking logically about my reasons for posting this. Take these points into consideration. First, I can easily avoid unfair matches. I am not levelling up any T3s, as I have already trained all my T3s so I no longer use them, so the squads and unfair matches do not affect my levelling up T3s. My T4s are almost all fully trained, so I'm not concerned about that either. My concern is in Dreadnoughts ability to retain players. The grind is a major issue for some, and the unfair matching system is cause for some of that grinding pain. The matching system that includes squads is an issue for some as well. These issues cause people to leave the game, among others of course.

The people who really benefit from what I am suggesting are new players, players leveling from T3 to T4 etc. It would benefit players like myself as well, as I wouldn't bail out of matches, thus fewer AI bots, fewer people being injected into losing matches which also causes people to become frustrated, angry, and leave the game, etc, etc, etc.

If you can point out where my logic is wrong, I am more than happy, if it makes sense, to conceed where I am wrong. No issues there. But when you post like this Lilith, it doesn't do the conversation any good, nor does it encourage me to post about things I truly believe can improve retention of players.

I might change my name again, but if my intent were to hide, or post as a different person, then I would be failing at that considering that my ID number associated with my account never changes. There is no escaping or pretending to be someone else, as everyone can clearly see who I am, and all my posts change to my current name and do not retain my old name, just check my older posts and you might clearly see my point. So no, you are wrong in this respect.

If we go the other way, that means considering current squad sizes, and the need for fill in pilots, that the risidual would be filled by AI bots. While it might make matches more fair, it certainly wouldn't improve matches themselves.

I am not saying that friends shouldn't play together, only that the current squad system is not functioning the way it should and that removing it until Steam launch might be better for Dreadnought itself. Considering we all want a larger player population this might help retain more players, and help obtain more players at Steam launch. Currently, friends are going out of their way NOT to play with friends in Legendary matches, just to get Legendary matches. So in the case of Legendary matches, players are deciding to play solo just to get those matches so squads in Legendary are not even being used.

I changed my name because I like this one better. It relates to my business, what I do for a living. Everyone knows who I am as my ID will never change. I actually forge a line of hammers with the same name. What does it matter why I changed my name?

I am suggesting the removal of squad until we have a population base that can support a fair matching system.

I played 10 games, regardless of how unfair the match was. In those 10 games, I ranked in the top 3, 7 times and lost every single match, while flying a TAC cruiser in support of my heavily underdog team.

That should never happen if the matches were fair, 10 losses in a row? Never.

  1. Squads need single randoms to create a team. But adding single randoms to a team with a squad reduces the number of AI bots, because the matching system considers squads as one.

  2. Teams made up of single randoms have more AI bots than teams made up of squads and single randoms.

  3. squads are almost always comprised of higher level players, and teams made up of single randoms are almost always of much lower ranking, experience and tier ships.

  4. Unfair matches when playing as a single random, cause people to leave the game.

  5. Leveling up a T3 ship using T2 mods as a single random (because people don't want to squad up with lower lvl players) make it far more difficult for T3 pilots to level up, thus causing them to become frustrated, and leave the game.

  6. There is no good reason to have squads, other than for stomping on teams of single randoms as they almost never play against other squads.

  7. Literally squads cause people to quit the game, this affects the player population, which exasperates the squad/unfair matching problem even further.

I suggest removing squads, only until there is a population base that can support a fair matching system.

  1. Having only single randoms making up any given team will force the matching system to consider each pilot as a single person, and hopefully create a more fair match.

  2. People flying T3 ships trying to level up to T4 ships will have an easier time doing so if the matching system is more fair. They will become less frustrated, and thus less likely to leave the game.

  3. People who are frustrated, and leave the game are not paying for vanity items, nor subscriptions. Removing squads, and making a more fair matching system will help in retaining these players, and some may even purchase vanity items or a subscription thus helping.

  4. Fair matches will cause more people to play more often thus reducing the time people que for any given match. More people would play leg matches, and the need to beg people in public chat to play leg matches will also be reduced.

  5. Doing this prior to Steam launch will cause people to post more positively about the game, and thus may cause more people to join at Steam launch. Do it now, and you have several months of positive remarks prior to Steam launch.

The matches will be more dynamic, more fun, more engaging, people will want to play more often, and for longer periods of time. Reducing que times, reducing the number of people that leave the game angry, reducing the number of negative comments on the forums which may encourage more people to play when launched on Steam.

I can see no good reason to retain squads considering the unfair matches and how many people leave this game because they become so frustrated. The only people that squads benefit are those who play in squads. The only downside I can see is that people who currently play in squads, and have a far easier time leveling up will find it more difficult to do so not playing in a squad, and may quit. It's my opinion however, that far more people will stay and play than those who leave.

Please Developers, make the issues clear to those who make the decisions. Realize that squads are harming the game currently. It's a great idea, but only if there is a population base large enough to support teams with squads and single randoms against other teams with squads and single randoms. It's a more fair way to distribute experienced and higher lvl players. It's also a way to resolve at least part of the grind issues that exist, specially players who are leveling from T3 to T4.

I currently don't play in squads, it's my opinion that doing so adds to the problem with player retention, length of time play and then affects que time and the overall feeling about Dreadnought. I don't want to contribute to the problem, I am not looking to benefit from a heavily skewed and unfair matching system. But I would play in squads if the matching system were fair and we had a player base to support that fairness.

Currently, people begging others to play Legendary matches, claim to be playing solo and not in squads. If this is in fact the case, then this is obvious proof that even these people understand and know that squads are ruining getting Legendary matches because of how incredibly unfiar the matching system is. They realize people don't want to play Legendary matches because of these issues and are trying to mitigate the negative effects of squads vs solo players themselves. If squads are not being used in Legendary matches, then why have them at all?

Making squads larger will only cause the unfair matches to be even more so.

My opinion is that we need a much larger population base, both PS4 and PC, before squads can ben larger, before the matching system can be fixed so that it's more fair, etc.

Personally, I would like to see only squads against squads, that would be much more fun than being a single random, filling in a team partly made up of a squad, or being a single random in a team of single randoms against a team with squads/single randoms.

It would be nice to have larger squads, even better if only squads fought against other squads. I think it would make the game much more challenging in that teams made up only of squads will understand each members tactics, and be able to choose ships to fill in what is lacking much better.

Meh, if the only way you can score high is by using a dread, then it seems grossly unfair that score is directly related to ship size.

Whatever the issue is, it needs to be fixed as I cannot imagine that the only way you are meant to win is by using a dread, and securing as much territorry as possible while just floating around. Scores should be related to real contributions, like taking over sites, etc.

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-221952) said:

Greetings Captains!

First of all, I am very happy to tell you, that I have reached 1000 posts. This is post number 1k, I cannot believe that I made it so far.

If you are posting just to make 1k posts, well that explains a lot. Hope that's not why you have so many posts.

Since Dreadnought is the onliest Game that fits my wet sci fi Spaceship dreams perfectly, I want it to be a game I, and most importantly everyone likes or even loves. There is no other game that satisfies my demands and desires that well as Dreadnought does.
So let me tell you about my personal wishes and hopes for Dreadnoughts future Development.

So I will start with one of my biggest gripes I have with Dreadnought, something you all know.
I am not a Developer, I cannot solve the problem of their Income. But the Grind in its current state is pushing me away from Dreadnought, I am unmotivated to play, I do not have fun, although I am trying to do so. The double xp Event gave me some hope. This is the way our Grind should be, with an average income of 8-10k of xp or more, 10-17k with elite. And 7-8k of Credits per Match. It cannot stay how it is. You Devs have to find a player friendly way to make money, so that you can implement a faster, easier Grind. But at the same time, you shouldn't make it too fast and too easy. I am trusting into you Devs, don't leave me hanging! The most modules T1-T5 should be obtainable during a single weekend.

The grind in this MMO compared to others that literally can take years is nothing. I have no issues with the grind, Play EVE Online and then lets talk about grind. What I do have issues with are poor T3 pilots forced to use T2 mods when they first get that particular T3 ship, and fight against T4 ships with T4 mods. I maxed my T3 ships, I did the grind for each one all the way to the bitter end. I understand the frustrations of T3 pilots, and why they quit. If T3 ships came with base T3 mods, or you were forced to earn them in Recruit, at least you would have some fighting chance.

Even better would be to have a matching system for each tier ship, so that T3s are never matched against T4s, and T4s, never against T5, etc. If you were not able to pilot a T3 unless you have already unlocked T3 mods, and if you were only matched against other T3 ships, the issues with grind would be very different. I feel the frustration with the grind comes into play when people are working from T3 to T4, and like I stated above, using T2 mods trying to get a decent XP and credit return at the end of the match. Isn't going to happen. Once you get T4 with all T4 mods, the grind is no big deal. You can get the lower priced mods in 4-5 games, and the rest in 6-7 games. It's playing games as a T3 with T2 mods where you only make a few 1000 points that makes the grind oppressive.

The fix is not to give even more points during a match, this would effectively kill the game as Greybox wouldn't make enough to continue. It would also make things far too easy. And think about this, once people max out all their ships, then what? What psychologically makes humans happy is wanting something more, something better. I'll tell you what happens when you have all your ships maxed out. You quit. So increasing the amount of XP will eventually depopulate the game faster.

Considering the matching system is suppose to be fixed at Steam luanch, I cannot imagine the current system the way it is, that makes the grind hardest for the weakest, will continue. That also will break the game.

Now, the Hangar

A Hangar is crucial for a science fiction Game! It gives you the emotional connection to your Ships, makes you feel like a Captain. You can imagine how your mighty Ship emerges from the Hangar, glowing Engines and rumbling Reactors. A Hangar is part of science fiction Spaceships, like a Car and a Garage. Keep it in Dreadnought somehow, the current Hangar, one to one. As a free for all Cosmetic feature maybe. I beg you devs, keep some "nostalgia". Keep this Hangar and its UI, as a free Cosmetic or so. Somehow, please. I cannot imagine Dreadnought without it.

Some future features like new Classes and Modules would be a great addition. Maybe one day...

Also, we desperately need EU Servers and a better matchmaking

I can agree with the hanger, I like it, I want to see it when not playing a game, it's central to roleplaying etc.

In regards to new features, classes, ships, etc. They must continue to grow so they must do these things and I also agree, I would like to see more content myself. I think Steam launch will be the start of creating the conditions that will allow this to happen.