Thanks a bunch for the feedback! Always good to hear what you guys have to say about specific changes. Although, like Hardy mentioned... ideally it's done without attacking each other smile

The 'please buff instead of nerf' sentiment is dear to my heart, as I completely agree. In most cases.

Quite frankly, the Nuke Salvo, Repair Autobeams, and Kinetic Armor Amplifier were utterly broken. I understand the frustration when one of your favourite modules gets the nerf bat, but you want the game to be a fair competition, right? We'll be keeping a close eye on these modules as there's always a chance of over-correction and knock-on effects are something we'll be increasingly vigilant of.

For example, maybe the Nuke Salvos can get a damage increase in 1.11 because we observe that the removal of Tier 2 ships from Veteran in 1.10 makes instakilling not as big an issue as it is in 1.9.5.

Other nerfs, like the Storm Missiles, are born from the alternatives being pretty good, but everyone uses the Storm Missiles anyway. Plasma and Purge Rams feel good enough, so buffing them to match the Storm Missiles seems like an unnecessary change. We'll keep an eye on it, and hopefully Tempest Missiles with their usability improvements (and Missile Repeaters with their bug fixes) will be a more viable option.

Many things were nerfed, and buffed, with standardization passes. If we see problems emerge due to these changes, we can reconsider which modules are exceptions to the rule. Let's wait and see what the standardization does. I heavily disagree with the notion that standardizing these modules is 'dumbing down' the game... most of the variance between tiers was token at best and didn't create any meaningful positive dynamics in playing the game. Now that everyone knows the ranges of certain modules, the level of play can increase as it's based on pure skill rather than remembering 10 variants of the same module.

One thing we're definitely going to look into is the power of Artillery Cruisers and the counters to them. Thanks for raising it smile

Balance changes will be done much more frequently than in the past, so keep the feedback coming. Who knows, maybe a week from now you'll have found a way to make Artillery Pods the new flavor of the month and Nuke Salvo nerfs are the least of your concerns!

Thanks for the post, it's really well written and makes a ton of sense.

The Secondary Module slot is indeed quite weak, but that is set to change. We've got quite a few exciting Secondary Modules in the pipeline that will really mix up that slot.

Destroyers have a number of issues right now that make them a bit too good.

  • One is the short cooldown Energy Generator, which was nerfed in the most recent patch.

  • The next thing, which is already updated in our internal builds, is their long ranged weapon effectiveness; they outrange all other ships and don't experience a tremendous amount of drop off over that distance

Destroyers shouldn't be able to out-dreadnought a Dreadnought in most cases, so I'll be looking into ways to prevent that happening

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback, all really useful stuff smile

Regarding Module Amper's functionality, there are two ways it can go... Amp applies when the projectile hits, or Amp applies when the projectile is launched.

Previously it was the former, which meant that the best way to effectively use the briefing was to be looking at your target and switching Energy to Weapons as it started hitting them. Admittedly this is kind of cool in some cases, but there are so many fire-and-forget modules that it required too much attention to be useful on the majority of modules. Basically it was only good on Rams, Broadsides, and Blast Pulse.

What you say about the new functionality is true, players should switch Energy to Weapons when activating the module, then switch it off. However it's not quite as simple as it seems. Firstly, the amplify applies to projectiles as they spawn... and many modules take a long time to spawn all their projectiles (multiple volleys, streams of missiles, long launch times). If you want the full effect on those modules, you'll have to keep Energy on Weapons for a significant period of time.

There are upsides and downsides to both methods, but the 'amp on launch' style enables it to work on Mines and deployed modules while also give the briefing more relevance in regular play. If it turns out to be overpowered, I'd rather reduce its bonus damage or buff up other briefings.

Hi ShadowbaneRIP, thanks for the feedback. I'll address your points as I think there's a little confusion, plus I'd like to explain why I've done certain things.

I could be wrong but it looks like a buff to Bomb catapults ability to track fast moving targets

This is actually a pretty large nerf. After investigating the Bomb Catapult quite extensively, it's main problem was that it homed in on targets much too easily... even if they were moving. The massive damage it does is cool, I don't want to reduce that, but it was basically an insta-kill at close range. Now it steers for a shorter time period, it's worse at tracking targets.

If you stay stationary when a Bomb Catapult targets you, it's gonna hit you hard (just like it has done), but if you move, it is much less effective. I think that fits the theme and class much better.

Nerf to Fulgora damage... but nothing in return... lol

The Fulgora currently does around 8000 more damage over a 10 second period than the next best damaging ship; the Valcour. It can also fire in all directions and has more HP. It's lower speed is the only current counterpoint... and it's still really fast.

It was too strong. 100% too strong. It doesn't need anything in return that Corvettes in general do not need to buff them up.

Then the nuke changes in an already nuke spammed game.

Nukes are too easily countered by moving, putting up shields, and Anti-Nuke lasers. They do great damage, but the counters I listed are invalidating that damage too easily.

  • The ANLs are a strategic choice, so I'm ok with that. Plus, you can blow nukes up in their user's face, which is fun.

  • Shields are arguably too strong at the moment, but changing them will mess with an incredible amount of other parts of the game that feel good... so that's a last resort

  • Moving from a Nuke is the most easily accessible form of defense against it, and it still works. Now though, you have to move a decent distance from the blast radius to avoid damage... rather than about 200m.

Turtling and defensive strategies are very powerful at the moment, and it makes Dreadnought a much less dynamic and exciting game. Nukes are the most satisfying way to break up tight-knit groups of enemies, so they've been improved to allow them to do their job.

They will continue to be improved if needs be, but we're also looking at;

  • Shields in general

  • Healing in general, although mainly on the Koschei

  • Destroyer Class weapon ranges

  • Tractor Beams

  • Emergency Evac

  • Drains & Energy Generators (as you can see from the notes).

  • Other cool things

If you guys see more potential things to tweak to reduce the effectiveness of turtling, let us know in here or in new threads and I'll take it all into account smile

Bu... but... what about me? smile

I don't have a favourite class, per se, but I do have a couple of favourite ships...

The Invictus Dreadnought gives me the speed I need but with the way-too-satisfying Broadside abilities and targeted Warp Jump to deal the trademark Dreadnought destruction.

I have the most fun with the Defender Tactical Cruiser though. I love the instant target warping to save my allies with Blast Pulse & Secondary Machine Guns, plus the flexibility of having tons of energy with the Surge Drones. This guy chews up Corvettes for breakfast with Energy on weapons and the Module Amper perk for extra meaty blast pulses. I can warp to allies on the front lines to supplement their damage, or warp to allies in the back to save their hides.

Really nice to hear what you guys like! Keep it comin'