They actually had ship maintenance in the early days? that sounds annoying and tedious: Ive never like having to repair things in games

well, thats basically any FTP game. at least its not like others where you need to buy to win. the progressions sucks, sure, but it could be worse.

yeah, its confusing that when you buy on the ship screen its only for that line; the reduced price is the only indication. luckily i read that before i bought anything.

Yeah, the only solo content is the training match. next closest thing is proving grounds, but you dont really progress and the bots love to heal ball on legendary

According to his other thread no, he's having issues with the forum.

As for his topic yes, a number of the PS4 videos dont play.

From what I heard (dont know how accurate) a person that left greybox had some of the social media accounts and they didnt know the passwords. otherwise you are right in that they dont advertise as much as they should

1) 1 vs 1 would be bad since 2 vs 2 is and it would take forever to complete contracts.

2) its been asked for for a while and the chances of it happening are pretty much zero unfortunately :/

3) tgis has also been asked for some time but all we've got were increases to battle bonus and contracts, but everyone is in agreement with it.

Flustered Ferret#7828 posted (#post-279774) said:

Well I've just come back today after a break of about a year or so.

I've noticed a major graphics improvement and a new game mode. They've also altered the menu system quite a bit...which is taking some getting used to.

However, the worrying bit was trying to get a game in any favourite Onslaught and Deathmatch modes and even the new Conquest.

Waited 2-3 minutes but have been unable to get into any games. Had to settle for a few rounds of Proving Grounds. Also noticed the bots are a lot tougher than they used to be (even accounting for my rustiness). Definitely more challenging, but not the same as playing against real people.

I hate to ask this question, as I've seen it (and scoffed at it) on other game forums, but: is Dreadnought dying? I mean, it appears very few people are actually playing...

I noticed someone mentioned that a PvE campaign was in the works...or at least had been discussed. REALLY would like to see this (though it could be a moot point if the above is true).

Yeah, you'll have to wait more than 2-3 min for a game at this point, especially on PC. PS4 is doing better but still not good and its rare you get anything but Onslaught anymore.

Game has been on life support since the botched steam launch, and many single players left due to seal clubbing. The changes came too little too late.

I wouldnt expect anything beyond bug fixes and market updates beyond this point. Unless another dev comes in and takes over and ppurs a bunch of money in, dont expect more than that unfortunately.

As Skocknfunk said, even the forums are rather inactive anymore with long time regulars no longer posting.

SAD-Reclaimer#0656 posted (#post-279756) said:

To me it seems a bit hypocritical to abandon the game for months and then to "feel just as abandoned".

As for the complaint that no new content has been added in months, that's a very valid point to make. Although this is an understatement. In my view bug fixes, balance changes and marketplace updates do not qualify as 'content' but rather life support. Actual content would be things like a new game mode, new maps, new modules, new ship classes, new manufacturers, etc. Given that this game had the last content drop back in May 2018 with the addition of Conquest mode, even before the offical Steam release!

It's no secret that SixFoot ceased all development activities on 13th February of this year when they infamously advertised their planned life stream that was scheduled one hour later that very same day only to cancel this one and every future life stream without official notice. They just went radio silent on all medias.

Right now they have two developers working on the game but all they can do is life support. It's unrealistic to expect them to crank out a PvE campaign or any other kind of real content. Unless the player count skyrockets we have to come to terms with the fact that what we have now is all there ever will be.

It'd be arguing semantics about content but I get your point and agree its not the content wanted or needed most. More maps, manufacturers, game modes are what needed but it doesnt appear its coming.

Shocknfunk#5058 posted (#post-279767) said:

i would say the best place for this IP is to turn into a tabletop style game similar to Star Wars Armada. id jump on that so that way the ship designs don't go to waste

I was actually thinking this myself. Miniature board games are still alive and well and it could be a new source of income that could lead to more for online (although I dont think we'd get the content we want still.