well they've been doing seasonal updates and made changes even after the seasonal update after player feedback so they are listening. the market also gets updated with the season. i dont know about content when it comes to game modes though. i remember someone saying the devs do communicate on discord but i'm not on that at all.

even though the updates are seasonal, we've gotten a lot more from about the 6 months of silence we had earlier in the year.

DragonFly007810#6934 posted (#post-279746) said:

IhavethesIhavethesameproblem what can I do I'm. stuck with one ship on the hangar. It won't allow me too

is if for the legendary fleet? T4s are strictly legendary fleet now; at the time of the original post they were part of the veteran fleet.

The only thing Id like fixed on vettes is the blink assault. Too powerful imo

I honestly dont know if Ive ever seen a healer hero ship (or cosmetics) in battle. When it comes to aesthetics theyre all pretty lame.

while we're on questions for the bundle, when equipped does it change the whole ship and nothing else underneath matters? its a bit odd its just a forecastle item yet the whole ship seems to be covered

Well, not dead yet. Looks like we've got some more balancing, main guns seeming to be the major ones, and a bunch of new market items. Anyone have a chance to play with the new balances yet? Are the JA dread guns useful now?

I agree with you, but Im not sure 6foot would want to do that without upping the charge... But as they stand yeah, theyre basically useless and they became all about cosmetics for that reason but I dont think that was ever the intent.

I've actually thought 8v8 has been better in PS4 despite my reservations. Although a longer loadntime its nice not having to travel a full minute to engage the enemy..

we've been getting some balance updates here and there but its pretty much bug fixes and module adjustments. what in particular did you want changed? and if you think T4 vs T5 is bad, you should have been there when T4s were in veteran vs T3s. that was way worse and a lot of slaughters.

I thought that too, but if he cant get it in recruit something is wrong