Playing tonight I've found my rewards cut in half, litterally. Good game, bad game, the rewards have been bad. If these were adjusted they need to be restored quick because the current rate is not sustainable for the grind.

Well, we have more signs of life.

Finally something is being done about the scramblers, long overdue.

Im fine with them taking out the AK engine sounds until they find the bug; I agree no engine sounds are better than a messed audio all match where you cant even hear your team.

Various menu bug fixes are nice too but hardly were game breaking.

Not a lot but still, nice to see things being done. Now we just need some more xp/credit boost weekends to get the community involved. And I still say put on a sale for the market to get some cash influx. Less is better than none.

Contact the support team and they should be able to get those onto your account.

More coatings would definitely be nice, but as for emblems and decals since you cant see them in game not much point to having more; Im not sure why they charge as much for those as they do. More retrofits and hero ships but at reduced cost would be nice. Im not paying $30 for the Hammerhead...

I usually dont have those mods on my ships and honestly i dont come across many others that do. Im rarely hit with a drain or disrupter shot. Plus when youre solo against a squad and your team doesnt listen to the signals as the squad is constantly talking, youre in a heap of trouble. Squads are more interested in winning than individual points and I cant stress enough how often solos dont listen. Ive called for support from people right next to me and nothing. In onslought when the command ship is the big points ans you cant kill theirs but they can kill yours, it usually ends up lopsided.

Frankly, going against a heal ball just isnt fun and I end up having to farm assault ships and fighters for points if the squad is huddled together. I still remember a match where we were so outclassed on Elysium I literally flew around the edge of the map killing asssult ships and fighters. Guess who on my team had the most points?

In regards to countering nuke strikes I just throw up shields and get points for a parry. One match today I got at least four parries, once a few seconds apart. Survived all but one nuke strike but I was basically dead already.

Honestly, onslought is all I play as as thats where the rewards are.

I've come across a few games today with this (including bots!) and seriously, it's and instant loss. I don't know how this hasnt been fixed yet but it's ridiculous. And you're probably thinking "well nuke them" when a ship with anti-nuke lasers keeps intercepting and their cooldown is less than the nuke cooldown it doesn't work.

Simple solution: if a healer is healing, it can't be healed. This way squads can't just park next to a command ship, heal all day with an impenetrable defense and don't get an easy win.

Also, get rid of healing s command ship which allows a single healer to park next to it and not let it be killed.

The server restart seems to have fixed things on PS4. Unfortunately not getting xp and credits at the end still occurs some, which is pretty aggravating.

PS4 servers probably need a restart

send a message to support and they should be able to fix it for you. a number of players have had issues not getting rewards at points

Ive been having the same issues. I sent a message to support, Id suggest you also do so as they may reimburse you for lost xp and credits.