I've actually thought 8v8 has been better in PS4 despite my reservations. Although a longer loadntime its nice not having to travel a full minute to engage the enemy..

we've been getting some balance updates here and there but its pretty much bug fixes and module adjustments. what in particular did you want changed? and if you think T4 vs T5 is bad, you should have been there when T4s were in veteran vs T3s. that was way worse and a lot of slaughters.

I thought that too, but if he cant get it in recruit something is wrong

Never heard of that issue before. Send a message to support about it.

It depends where you buy it.

If you buy it within the loadout screen, it will only apply to that line. So if you buy it for your JA vettes, it will only apply to the JA vette line.

If you go to the market and buy the bundle, then it will apply to all ships you own. This goes for coatings, emblems and decals. If you buy a hero ship, the coating, emblem and decal will be available for all ships but the parts only for that line.

PS4 is doing decent, PC i think has a quite bit less.

Well, the 6500 for $25 is pretty much a steal given the 2500 pack is $20. Plus some other decent sales like the Hammerhead for 2000 GP and PCF Silesia for less than 500. You'd think they'd advertise a sale on GP packs...

You'll need to contact support about that.

Eh, friendly fire probably isnt good since bota fly into your firing arc all the time.

Piloting a command ship is an interesting idea though.

Yeah, its definitely not as good as tanking as the AK line but it also isnt a slug with movement. I still use it when playing Veteran and can do pretty good with it. Its ability to get into the mix, and get out of it is really its true strength.

MrBogus666, I suggest you contact support about the issue.