The current coating options aren't very interesting and since they only apply to a single ship and not all ships when you purchase they're really not worth buying to me.

While I don't think healers ruin the game by any means, when you do come across 2 tac cruisers following a destroyer/dreadnaught, there is pretty much no point in engaging. In that formation I've hit a T1 tac with my T2 Trafagar's (upgraded) torpedoes, autoguns and poured power into my main weapons, and it still didn't kill the most lightly armored ship in the game. To me that's a major issue. I either hide and trail waiting for one to break off, but more likely just go off and find other ships to engage.

I think to solve it simply, a healer can either only heal one ship at a time, or if healing two ships the healing amount is cut in half. As it currently stands, it's way too powerful of a defensive measure.

Once or twice the menu screen has frozen on me but that's it. Luckily I've had no problems during gameplay.

Yeah, it definitely grabbed my interest, although I was disappointed to find it's a FtP model and really only multiplayer.

I've only had the game 5 days and I'm still playing recruit (I've only got one T3 ship), but the biggest PvP probelm I've encountered is since I always play solo, coming across a clan. When your team is a few solos and a new NPCs going against a clan coordinating with eachother, you just get decimated. The other night I was in two matches and the scores were something like 100-30 and 100-40. You just don't stand a chance and there's nothing you can do. It takes all the fun out of the match.

I don't plan on joining a clan nor am I buying a headset just to talk on this game, so it's nothing I can really solve. How do you prevent it from being matched in a game? Honestly I don't have enough experience with online games to say and given the low player base the game has, it may not even be possible to fix.

Is it still where you purchase a coating it's only for that ship? For the GP price, there is no way I'd pay for the same coating for a different ship over and over especially given most of the available ones are simplistic and similar. About three barely deviate from the standard Jupiter Arms coating. I love customizing things across various games, but right now there isn't nearly enough return to get me to buy GP packs. The market kind of feels like a hipster restaurant: pay twice the price and get half as much.

Different color options for engines/thrusters would be neat too.