If they took it off PC my guess is yes. I never got to play because every time I queued I'd give up after 10-15 min of nothing. Of course that may have to do with its removal.

Snib#1627 posted (#post-219575) said:

DN_Svenice#5360 posted (#post-219570) said:

Unfortunately, not enough people buy vanity options

Obviously not, because there is nothing to buy. The store is barren (at least on PC). Nearly all the customizations I liked on my ships in closed beta are unavailable now. So of course I won't buy a thing.

Plus the cost is way too high. I'm not paying $5 for a color scheme that can only be used on a fraction of my ships, and I'm definitely not paying that much for a captain's hat or suit you only see for a minute after matches. I'm fine with paying for additional stuff, but right now given the lack of choices and small return for price I don't have the incentive to.

I understand the FTP model, but the thing is the game is so geared toward getting people to pay it makes them not want to. It's not just the progression either (which I don't need to go into), it's also the customization.

When you look at the cost of GP packs then at what those GP amounts get you, it's not worth it. $5 for a pattern, or paint scheme that's just for that ship class, or worse a uniform tint or hat that you only see post-match. A freakin' hat you see for 30 seconds. I love visual customization in games, but there is now way I'm paying that much for such a small return. $20 for a hero ship that outside its visual customizations is pretty much worthless? Mmm... no. Hero ships should be big sellers, but not at all here. I've only had the game a few weeks and stuck to recruit or Proving Grounds for veteran, and in the 100+ matches I've played I haven't seen a half dozen hero ships. 90% ships with different paint schemes I've come across are bots. I can't say if it's different in veteran/legendary matches but it's a big sign newcomers aren't paying for extras.

The pay to progress system is basically micro-transactions, possibly the most hated thing in the gaming community. Granted, the system isn't as bad as I've seen on other FtP games (I saw one where it was $85 for a tank and some decals...) but it's bad enough people aren't biting.

Personally I'd much rather pay for the game up front and have some DLC/season pass than pay piecemeal. With so little return for real world money to buy GP, oppressive grind and the likelihood of getting stomped at higher levels, I just don't think there's enough in the current setup to get the masses to pay.

Snib#1627 posted (#post-219365) said:

Most likely working as intended. Some missiles and torpedoes have limited steering duration (see my datamine for details). If they never try to steer then you didn't have target lock when you fired and/or you fired at an angle that does not allow them to reach the target.

There are times I screw up, but I'm referring to the times, especially with the torpedoes, where I do have a target lock and no environmental impedement and they just go like a direct fire weapon. Its happened at multiple ranges and anglea so I'm not sure what's up with it.

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-219359) said:

There is probably a bug that caused missiled and torps to dissapear. Better contact support

well theyre not disappearing, theyre just missing the target almost like theyre being fired like a cannon rather than a seeking weapon, going to where the targeting reticle was when activated

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-219358) said:

Some missiles/torpedoes have poor tracking. What modules are you talking about?

its the standard ones on the destroyer class; tempest missiles but i forget the name of the torpedoes.

A lot of the time I have locks with the weapons but they continue to miss. Rather than hit the target they fly towards where the ship was when first fired. i know they wont always hit but its more often than not they miss. Does anyone else have this issue?

Ive been trying to get on with the ps4 this morning and cant

I like the addition of the critical assist; I don't know how many times I've played as an artillery ship, done a bunch of damage and get a mere assist.

It sounds like the XP and currency changes were just a quick fix and I won't be surprised if there is more adjustmnets in the near future.

Good to see that they took care of it quickly.