I've come across a few games today with this (including bots!) and seriously, it's and instant loss. I don't know how this hasnt been fixed yet but it's ridiculous. And you're probably thinking "well nuke them" when a ship with anti-nuke lasers keeps intercepting and their cooldown is less than the nuke cooldown it doesn't work.

Simple solution: if a healer is healing, it can't be healed. This way squads can't just park next to a command ship, heal all day with an impenetrable defense and don't get an easy win.

Also, get rid of healing s command ship which allows a single healer to park next to it and not let it be killed.

The server restart seems to have fixed things on PS4. Unfortunately not getting xp and credits at the end still occurs some, which is pretty aggravating.

PS4 servers probably need a restart

send a message to support and they should be able to fix it for you. a number of players have had issues not getting rewards at points

Ive been having the same issues. I sent a message to support, Id suggest you also do so as they may reimburse you for lost xp and credits.

If you need 50 wins then you wont get it until then. That said, if you still dont contact support.

I never got it until today, where its happened 3 times. Sucks coming to a match late and losing out and credits and xp.

mathiasatva#6280 posted (#post-279477) said:

Agree Skyraider...

many ships are overpriced...

many PS4 players expressed that they would buy the skins seperately if they were cheaper, or the hero ships if they weren't 3,000 GP.

with unlimited supply, since digital products are post scarcity, selling more at a cheaper price is better than selling nothing at a high price!

I agree, Ive said multiple to lower prices or do a sale. Selling 100 items at $5 yields more than 20 items at $10 (or whatever combo you want to use). Given the games financial woes, youd think they do this to entice players to spend. And prices for emblems and decals, which you dont even notice in game unless youre nose to nose are way too high; those should be a few bucks each.

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-279525) said:

Dreadnought is just too repetitive and way too grindy sometimes, especially credits. The same Maps, the same goals. Destroy other ships/capture stuff.The Game needs to offer the player a variety of interesting things, content which is new and interesting. Like a fighter jet dogfight mode, or a Bossfight mode where the team must defeat a transhuman superweapon. New Ship classes to offer new tactics and a fresh experience. But instead, the devs just piššed off and left us, a big betrayal like Star Wars 9 or No Man's Sky

Fully agree. Ive thought the idea of taking on a transhuma dread as a squad would be good for a while. At least one more map would be nice for some change. I also think a tour mode would be good, where new players can fly around not in combat and learn the maps.

A new class would be nice but I think would need to add another ship slot, another dozen ships would be a big additional grind. Not sure what they could do besides either a carrier, frigate (speed and firepower between a vette and destroyer) or some kind of specialized cruiser between a destroyer and dread.

Yep. A veteran that used to be a level 50 playing at level 25 doesnt change anything. Doing a wipe in HOPES of gaining new players will only end up alienating long time players. People who spent money on elite status will have literally thrown away their money; what would they do but leave the game after that?