Outside of a nuke and bomb catapult the blink is the only other real one shot weapon in the game. why is a one shot on the smallest and most fragile ship? why is it more powerful than a nuke? theres no reason for it. for a game based around slugging it out with large ships, one shotting in general isnt great idea. its why there are so few mods that can do it. corvettes can easily do enough damage up close that they dont need it.

as for the tacs negating damage, thats another balance issue. youre basically saying two wrongs make a right.

Taking away the ability to one shot ships but still do heavy damaging is far from nerfing and making it useless

Nerfing imo means it makes it useless. you just need to lower damage and not make it pass through shields completely. it should cause signicant damage, just not outright kill a larger ship.

the gap between T4 and T5 is actually less and you start to get the good modules at T4 so its not as bad. Honestly, there will be a gap either way

I know how to counter vettes, Ive done it plenty of times. That doesnt mean the blink warp isnt OP. I dont think it needs nerfed, I think it needs reduced to not one shot ships.

The reason T4s were thrown into Legendary is because the newer players with T3s would get slaughtered. Th stats between the tiers was too large. Even now when i play veteran, my T4/5 mods on my ships plus experience give me a big advantage. Ive actually felt bad a few times how easily I beat newer players.

Morbeus: Im a bit interested in how you've played against me. what platform am i on and what is my screen name?

That said, if peope really cant say the fundamental flaw of the smallest, weakest ship one shotting larger ships, in a game called Dreadnought....

Yeah, I'm an experienced player, and the blink warp is way op. i "got good" i got the modules and the blink is still bs. if the smallest and lightest armored ship of the game can one shot larger ships, thats a problem.

The blink warp is absolutely op. and if people are leaving solely becsuse of corvettes, yeah, thats a problem.

Yes, this has been a major issue since I joineda few years ago. This has been a major issue for many and even though Im an experienced player and can take out vets, they are OP, especially the blink warp that goes through anything. That the smallest and weakest ship can one shot others is just ridiculous. I too have seen many games wherr a good vette player just dominates.

I dont know why nothing has been done. the fact the game earned the monikor Corvettenaught and who knows how many players left because of them is telling. But if nothing has been done to this point whats the chance it will?

Given the game has been on life support since the failed steam launch and the only updates anymore are balancing, hero ships and coatings, expecting major updates such as graphics, new boards etc. is pretty much a fantasy as the game doesnt bring in enough money to warrant continued big development. Unless another developer with a lot of funding buys the IP, this is pretty much what we've got.

Yager hasnt been on the game for well over a year, maybe two. All assets were transferred to Greybox. Thats pretty much when development stalled.

I do agree there isny much like Dreadnought out there, the closest I can think is Star Trek Online, which has a lot of better and worse things than Dreadnought. i.e. if you want the good ships, weapons, etc. be prepared to spend a lot of time and money on it (neither of which Im willing to do).

Dreadnought rwally needs more content and an end game, as playing onslought over and over on the same boards just to get a better version of a module you have doesnt really cut it.