Yes, this has been a major issue since I joineda few years ago. This has been a major issue for many and even though Im an experienced player and can take out vets, they are OP, especially the blink warp that goes through anything. That the smallest and weakest ship can one shot others is just ridiculous. I too have seen many games wherr a good vette player just dominates.

I dont know why nothing has been done. the fact the game earned the monikor Corvettenaught and who knows how many players left because of them is telling. But if nothing has been done to this point whats the chance it will?

Given the game has been on life support since the failed steam launch and the only updates anymore are balancing, hero ships and coatings, expecting major updates such as graphics, new boards etc. is pretty much a fantasy as the game doesnt bring in enough money to warrant continued big development. Unless another developer with a lot of funding buys the IP, this is pretty much what we've got.

Yager hasnt been on the game for well over a year, maybe two. All assets were transferred to Greybox. Thats pretty much when development stalled.

I do agree there isny much like Dreadnought out there, the closest I can think is Star Trek Online, which has a lot of better and worse things than Dreadnought. i.e. if you want the good ships, weapons, etc. be prepared to spend a lot of time and money on it (neither of which Im willing to do).

Dreadnought rwally needs more content and an end game, as playing onslought over and over on the same boards just to get a better version of a module you have doesnt really cut it.

The devs have made adjustments to matchmaking, but due to a limited player base theres not much they can do if squads are pitted against singles. its a matter of getting matches going unfortunately.

i think the get good mentality has been gone for a while. but experienced players have access to modules and what not that with experience just gives them an advantage. theres not much you can do about that.

SAD-Reclaimer#0656 posted (#post-279858) said:

I recognize that development time and money is limited but to adapt an existing game mode to the respective platform should not be that much of a problem.

Regarding the money, I'm really surprised they havent done a sale other than a few market items. with so many on lockdown and playing games you would thnk they'd at least do a gp sale to try and get some cash influx

Yeah, I agree. The game is in desperate need of new content: game modes, new levels and new ship line/class. The market updates and balancing really arent enough at this point. But as you said because of limited resources, its not likely to happen.

There are times I kind of feel like playing but dont because what is there to do that I havent done a hundred times before?

They actually had ship maintenance in the early days? that sounds annoying and tedious: Ive never like having to repair things in games

well, thats basically any FTP game. at least its not like others where you need to buy to win. the progressions sucks, sure, but it could be worse.

yeah, its confusing that when you buy on the ship screen its only for that line; the reduced price is the only indication. luckily i read that before i bought anything.

Yeah, the only solo content is the training match. next closest thing is proving grounds, but you dont really progress and the bots love to heal ball on legendary