Well for an online pvp game only, they need more than a small core base. Since the core game isnt sealed behing purchases they rely on elite status and cosmetics. So to be profitable, they need a bunch of players willing to spend; core players will likely max out for purchases at a certain point

$30 seems like a lot for a background imo.

Eh, I thought 1500 was a bit pricey, you can get some hero ships 1500 or less with the parts, coating, emblem and decal. I do agree the 3000gp price for some is way too pricey. I like the Hammerhead but Im not paying that much by a large margin.

Ive written a number of times what I feel they need to do for the market and dont feel like writing it again. At least the coatings came down to a much better price after the CtC update.

Is this from the new patch? I havent had a chance to check out the update yet.

A lot of people complained theybwere gone so they listened and put them back. Theyll probably have a patch down the line fixing those at some point.

Nice to see more signs of life and another credit boost weekend. Look foward to getting early nuke warnings also.

Rockbell#0823 posted (#post-279446) said:

Your opinion means nothing. it's all based on personal hatred. You have no statistics, no objective arguments. Just repeating stuff that you personally don't like doesn't means it's bad.

You are a hater. That's all.

Not really. He's repeated what many have said since Ive been on this game. Half the modules I never see used and there have been many missteps by 6foot along the way. Market prices for some items are bad.

honestly, i've never heard that warning.

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SkyRaider#3584 posted (#post-279367) said:

Conquest isnt availsble on ps4 :/

What the actual f&%k?! One can't help but wonder if this is meant to make good for the lack of Havoc Mode and Team Elimination on PC (sarcasm incoming!).

All that talking about parity between the two platforms (which was the main rationale for implementing the new hangar mind you) actually was nothing more than pointless gibberish from the devs. Just wow!

Their initial plan was to have all the modes on both platforms but we've seen how things have gone...

This is still happening a ton. They really need to add a warning when a nuke is initially launched since the current warning sounds its too late to fire up your anti-nuke lasers.