Personally, Id just wish that when you fire below the ship would turn transparent. As is, you have to aim and pray and have no ability to lead a target.

Does anyone else still not have the Kora symbol from the last community challange?

I dont think theres enough players to be able to choose whether you face a squad or not. Im a solo too and I hate squads, and it sucks because you get owned, but I still push through. I get that others dont though. I guess you could institute something where when squads go against solos they get less, but I doubt that happens.

They added the any queue to try and reduce time, but I doubt this helps for not being paired against a squad.

Again, its simply the lack of players that make good match making basically impossible for them. As I said, theyre stuck in a no win situation, a big catch 22.

I dont play corvettes much at all, but when engaging a bot artillery cruiser they zeem rather willing to sit there and taken out bily cap ships. I have noticed the few times I played as a vette the bots didnt have trouble hitting me regardless of what they fired.

While I agree with a lot of things you said, there is an underlying issue that causes this: a small player base. There just arent enoigh people playing right now to correct the match making issue. People complained about too long queue times so they are foeced to create unbalanced matches. This causes less experienced players to quit as its not enjoyable to get crushed by a squad.

The alternative is long queue times. This creates the problem of people not even getting to play the game, which causes them to quit.

The devs are well aware and are doing what they can to fix it. They need to make money and cant do it without players. Theyre caught between a rock and a hard place and right now dont really have a way out because their two options arent good and both cause players to flee the game. Hopefully yhe upcoming server merge helps.

Regarding the UI, they said in their latest podcast it is being completely redesigned.

Jumping into Veteran can be tough due to the disparity between T3 and T4 ships. My Gravis keeps getting owned by T4 destroyers. You likely got stomped by a squad and they're working on improving matchmaking, but a smaller player base is making it difficult.

LEFTIE_86#6104 posted (#post-220079) said:

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Their current monetization is toxic on many fronts and will kill the game over time.
1) gold for xp conversion
2) paint jobs only for specific ships
3) overpriced and under rewarding elite status
4) waaaay overpriced hero ships

Side note:
Why doesn't power to shields reduce the amount of heal taken the same way it does dmg. This would possibly help with the heal ball. I've seen too many times where a dread has pts and getting a heal beam and theres almost no dps that can break through that. It's almost negligible dmg and I've seen it time and time again.

1 and 3) apparently this is where they're making their money. I won't pay it but if others are and that keeps the game going, fine. I do agree there isn't enough bang for the buck when spending real money on GP

2 and 4) I'm still confused by their approach to this. I get the set up, but what I don't get is when you're not making money off cosmetics, and players are saying the price is too high and giving the pricepoint they're willing to spend that it hasn't changed. They seem to be ok selling a few skins at an inflated price rather than a lot at a reasonable price.

For the heal ball, yeah I'm pretty sick of it. Playing solo in Onslaught last night, ran into a squad that used three healers. That we only lost by about 100 points was surprising. I wish squads could be penalized for using heal ball; they really ruin a game.

I want to like the Dola, but it feels like it takes forever to bring down a ship with those guns even though it seems like you're firing a hundred at once. Haven't played the Gravis yet as I'm trying to build up my Otranto to get the T4 (Vigo I believe?).

As for the Otranto, I don't have any issues with the main gun, I actually quite like it. Hit the Weapons Boost Pulse module, throw power to weapons and watch the target's health bar drop.

Lando Calrissian#2323 posted (#post-219896) said:

Last I checked, this was a forum thread about the state of the game, not to just to be used only to debate Desperate Measures.

  1. Invisible weapons have been less of a problem recently, but invisible torpedo salvos (from enemy Dreadnoughts and Destroyers) have now become a real issue; it's not fun to get hit with 14500 damage (in the case of Dreadnought torpedo salvos) instantly out of nowhere, when one could've easily mitigated damage with Power to Shields if they hadn't been invisible.

  2. Be sure to let players know that some decals/paintjobs/skins are limited-time-only/on-rotation so that there is an incentive to buy them right meow; otherwise they will get cheesed off when it's no longer available and you'll have lost out on a sale ($$$).

I'm only addressing the two quoted here.

2) This has been happening to me recently. There's no warning, I'm not being hit from anywhere then literally I'm going down in flames. It's pretty frustrating.

4) They need to do away with seasonal rotation period. I've never understood this for any game. Just make everything constantly available. Of course, unless they significantly reduce the cost to a price point players are actually willing to pay, it doesn't matter what they do.

should there be rewards for ribbons earned? obviously theyd be pretty low value, and some you may have to reach a certain accumulation to earn.

Id also like to see better attacking against corvettes. Seconday weapons have low ammo and range and it seems like main guns, when they hit, dont do as much damage as they should