I agree some basic colors should be available without spending anything, and there need to be a lot more in general. Also when you do buy a scheme, it should be available to every ship you have. The color schemes/customizations are about the only reason I can think of to even get a hero ship

The thing I dont like about the tiers is that T1 and T3 are so outclassed theres no sense in playing them when you reach the next tier. Theyre kind of just there to get through and it feels like a waste of time, not to mention investment of creds and xp to move up.

The Oberon artillary ships definitely dont have the same sniper feel as the AV and JA ships. I get that theyre maneuvering profile sets them apart, but the few times I've played them it feels like you have to close way too much to be effective and their lighter armor just cant stand up to destroyers or dreadnaughts.

Speaking of the Furia, does anyone else have issues when firing the main gun? For me it sometimes fires three rapid shots, or a single shot with a long pause. It didnt seem to matter what I did, it was inconsistent.

Good to know theyre working towards fixing it.

I just started on tier3 and i have to say i was a bit shocked by the climb in xp needed for research. I'm into the game now, but its only a matter of time before the same matches get old and I'm progessing at a sluggish pace. The game is so geared toward making you pay, it makes people not want to pay and worse not play. Theres a lot to love about this game, but the grind with each new tier is just sucks fun from it.

I got a match today where I was paired with two bots and went against three players and a bot. Not even the same amount on each side. Needless to say, that match didnt go well

Spartan337#6531 posted (#post-218394) said:

As said befor, cause the points. You get 300 for the commndship and 22 for an assault. Only 100 for a real Player. Its much easyier to gain points for direct attac on ki . You get nothing for d3f3nse!!
Dev should give points for killing targets nearby the assaultship. But in two diffrent ways .
1. You are near cs and Not the enemy
2. The enemy is near cs and not you

This would help to Play more the objectiv

Yeah, no points for defense gives little incentive to protect it. They should definitely add points for it.

Thanks guys.

Thanks for the info. I thought these were automated and not manual. I play on PS4 so I'll figure out which button switches; I don't believe it was in the tutorial since the Simurgl didn't ahve secondary cannons.

Although I've only been playing a short time, I've yet to see the flak cannons on my ships activate. I know they have an incredibly short range, but there are times I've had a corvette hovering right above me (and killing my ship in 5 seconds, but that peeve is another matter) and been practically nose to nose with another ship and I haven't seen the flak cannons fire at all. Am I missing something here?