I agree, they need to do a major reach out to players to try and get them back. They also need to throw in updates and permanently raise the credits per match to reduce the grind. Also I think readjusting the market prices would help. Coating prices are probably fine, but emblems and decals are pricey for things you really dont see in game at all. Also they need to show the captain outfits more to entice people to buy those.

I'll also add: more retrofits and make them about 1000gp instead. Players LOVE customization and better priced it is the more they will spend. I cant tell you how much I'd love a Saab Draken inspired retrofit for my JA destroyers. Some more T2 hero ships at 1000gp would also be nice as for that cost players can get a coating and parts for cheap at an early stage. Currency conversion should be reduced too. Adding in different colors for engines/thrusters is also something players want.

Ive said it before, but visibility and constant updates for an online game are key. Look at Rocket League and Star Trek Online and its multiple updates during the week. Granted this doesnt have the fanbse as those two but thats also how you get it.

The community events were key and they need to do those again. Further bring back twitch drops; people will watch to get free stuff which in turn makes them want to play more and then spend more.

well, he has been right thus far. the future is another matter

the boost is real. ive been getting about 3x creds per match.

yeah, the dpad has been suggested for a while due to the touchpad being finicky but nothing ever came of it

yeah, no chance of e3. if theyre not putting anlot into the game no chance they splurge for that.

it may be a bug as others have hsd this issue, try contacting support.

unfortunsty no, you need s headset to talk. in game your limited to the commands.

Rockbell#0823 posted (#post-279410) said:

SkyRaider#3584 posted (#post-279407) said:

can you elaborate on what is coming? and why arent the devs announcing it to try and get people to play?

They are very busy working on a big (REALLY BIG!) update, so I volunteered to help

I know I'm not the person you expect to bring community updates, but at this moment there is a lot stuff to do with much higher priority than official announces.

More people will come. There's no other option after what is going to happen soon

Given the silence the last 4 months I think its important they take a few minutes to sign in and post.

You need xp to research first then use credits to buy it. once you buy it will give you the option of equiping or you can go to your fleet and change the loadout there

Im honestly surprised they havent done a sale in the market just to pump in some funds.

Well when I played on Sunday I got six of those gifts in one match and havent played since it was so annoying.