I just started on tier3 and i have to say i was a bit shocked by the climb in xp needed for research. I'm into the game now, but its only a matter of time before the same matches get old and I'm progessing at a sluggish pace. The game is so geared toward making you pay, it makes people not want to pay and worse not play. Theres a lot to love about this game, but the grind with each new tier is just sucks fun from it.

I got a match today where I was paired with two bots and went against three players and a bot. Not even the same amount on each side. Needless to say, that match didnt go well

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As said befor, cause the points. You get 300 for the commndship and 22 for an assault. Only 100 for a real Player. Its much easyier to gain points for direct attac on ki . You get nothing for d3f3nse!!
Dev should give points for killing targets nearby the assaultship. But in two diffrent ways .
1. You are near cs and Not the enemy
2. The enemy is near cs and not you

This would help to Play more the objectiv

Yeah, no points for defense gives little incentive to protect it. They should definitely add points for it.

Thanks guys.

Thanks for the info. I thought these were automated and not manual. I play on PS4 so I'll figure out which button switches; I don't believe it was in the tutorial since the Simurgl didn't ahve secondary cannons.

Although I've only been playing a short time, I've yet to see the flak cannons on my ships activate. I know they have an incredibly short range, but there are times I've had a corvette hovering right above me (and killing my ship in 5 seconds, but that peeve is another matter) and been practically nose to nose with another ship and I haven't seen the flak cannons fire at all. Am I missing something here?

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thats the thing with this game there arent really any OP ships or builds, its all about team work. if the other team is running 2 healers, thats 2 less DPS ships... you just need to coordinate your team to remove them.

I think this is one of the inherent problems of the game: it's designed for teams but you'll have a number of the player base (I won't venture a percentage) like me who have no desire to join teams. People who run solo and only plan to have difficulty with counters. The best you can really do is just fly wingman and follow visual cues. Even if you have a headset (which I don't) there's no guarantee you speak the same language.

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As a reference, I decided to go into Dreadnought and see what I had.

76379 XP that will cost 2303 GB to convert. That will never happen.

377.507 credits for what ever I need.

3646 GB, I think that is enough for 60 days of Elite, plus a little leftover.

I've 11 of the available tier 4 ships. 2 of the arties are equiped well and the Destroyer, Dreadnought, Corvette and Tac are nearly ready to play. I think I was almost to AS, which was going to be my threshold to try PvP again. I think I was closing in on 200 hours of playing.

I've said this in other posts. The simple fix is to allow credits to be the currency used for xp conversion. I know this is a big frustration for a lot of people.
This will get people to also regularly rotate between all the fleets and will keep a healthy playerbase for all levels of play.

Or even vice versa. Even if it's a 10/1 ratio when converting, it's still better than spending GP, which given the conversion rate I don't see many people doing.

My guess is it's less exciting. You're basicaly just following a really slow ship waiting for the enemy to come at you rather than hunting for enemies. You'll be anchored to it and the enemies going after it will kill you first so it won't be helping your score much. Plus as you mentioned, player's unwilingness to defend it means you'll likely be on your own.

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The current coating options aren't very interesting and since they only apply to a single ship and not all ships when you purchase they're really not worth buying to me.

While I agree, worth pointing out that coatings you buy on a specific ship are actually usable by all variants of that ship throughout the tiers (only coatings though, not patterns). Furthermore, coatings that you buy via the market are typically bundles usable on all ships.

Ah, didn't know that. Thanks for the info.