I want to like the Dola, but it feels like it takes forever to bring down a ship with those guns even though it seems like you're firing a hundred at once. Haven't played the Gravis yet as I'm trying to build up my Otranto to get the T4 (Vigo I believe?).

As for the Otranto, I don't have any issues with the main gun, I actually quite like it. Hit the Weapons Boost Pulse module, throw power to weapons and watch the target's health bar drop.

Lando Calrissian#2323 posted (#post-219896) said:

Last I checked, this was a forum thread about the state of the game, not to just to be used only to debate Desperate Measures.

  1. Invisible weapons have been less of a problem recently, but invisible torpedo salvos (from enemy Dreadnoughts and Destroyers) have now become a real issue; it's not fun to get hit with 14500 damage (in the case of Dreadnought torpedo salvos) instantly out of nowhere, when one could've easily mitigated damage with Power to Shields if they hadn't been invisible.

  2. Be sure to let players know that some decals/paintjobs/skins are limited-time-only/on-rotation so that there is an incentive to buy them right meow; otherwise they will get cheesed off when it's no longer available and you'll have lost out on a sale ($$$).

I'm only addressing the two quoted here.

2) This has been happening to me recently. There's no warning, I'm not being hit from anywhere then literally I'm going down in flames. It's pretty frustrating.

4) They need to do away with seasonal rotation period. I've never understood this for any game. Just make everything constantly available. Of course, unless they significantly reduce the cost to a price point players are actually willing to pay, it doesn't matter what they do.

should there be rewards for ribbons earned? obviously theyd be pretty low value, and some you may have to reach a certain accumulation to earn.

Id also like to see better attacking against corvettes. Seconday weapons have low ammo and range and it seems like main guns, when they hit, dont do as much damage as they should

I just cant wait for the changes to the heal ball. Its annoying even in Proving Grounds and I just did a match where a squad sat in a circle with a heal ball and didnt move half the match. It really drains the fun from the game.

I agree its the healballs that need fixed, not necessarily the tac cruiser. Although I dont like if you engage a ship with a tac tagging along, one on one you dont have good odds

i will ask this: do we want to bring real world symbols into the game? Dreadnought has its own feel and lore in a created universe, so would bringing thinks like an iron cross, American flag, Russian Airforce symbols etc. make it feel watered down?

As for the UI, this is advanced technology set in the future so Im fine with it but I can see your pov.

LEFTIE_86#6104 posted (#post-219699) said:

I agree with Solokonto.

Saying conversion is their money maker so they don't plan on changing it sounds like a cop out. While I do appreciate the honesty of their monetization, I don't understand why they continue to incentivise using all our fleets with battle bonuses, but then force us to use gold to convert all that xp. At best, this is an oversight and something to be fixed. At worst, they are purposefully looking for ways to push players into buying gold and that is nasty stuff.

I don't want to hate on the devs because they have made great strides with the game and seem to love their product, but I hope this calls them out and lets them take a step back and evaluate what is right for game and in the long run for the company.

This is my big issue. Ok it's an FtP so they've got to make money, but with a big grind they really try to force players into paying. Add in you can't make money in Proving Grounds and risk getting stomped in other modes, people see a big mountain to climb. Between those two things, a lot just back off.

Seeing the new options in the market place, I'm not going to lie: I really want to get some of the color schemess and other items. But I'll also be very truthful: I can't justify the cost they are currenty at. Here is where I'm at right now: I've got 100 GP (spent 1000 GP earned through accomplishments to get the Orion for it's color scheme and parts). I'd like the black and gold scheme just added (Galactic Bee or something) and the Zilant for it's parts and colors. I'd need to spend $20 to get the 2500 GP pack, allowing me to afford both (1000 GP for Zilant, 1600 GP for black and gold scheme). $20 gets me two colors schemes for all my ships, a few dreadnought parts (for AK dreads only) and a hero ship that I likely won't use because it's loadout is preset. That's... a really small return for $20. Given the admittance that there is't much revenue from vanity purcahses I'm going to say most players see it that way.

Selling a few at a high price hasn't brought in the money, so maybe they'd sell a lot at a low price.

Ragnorokx#1912 posted (#post-219678) said:

Thanks for getting back to us on this. Im sorry for being less than polite I'N the other thread. Just frustrated. I'll post this in my group chat and hopefully everyone who has been discussing this there can help.

For now. Yes I'm definitely EU

just imagine how they feel! They touted this weeks, had to delay and planned on it being able to draw people in or back, with more contect to increase revenue. Now theyre racing to coreect errors that could push more away. Theres a lot worse four letter words being thrown around in those offices right now.

I frst sgned on and got kcked out of man screen after about 5 mn. after closingand restartingI  got back in. Four queues failed to load, two said I had games that didnt load and one mid match I was booted.

hope the issues get fixed soon.

I've only come across a small handful of times that people left, but granted I've not done a veteran match yet. Is there a way to tell by if it is done purposefully (i.e. not a lost connection) and maybe have the consequence be loss of the battle bonus for the next match?

I definitely think these was nice addition. Not just for rewards, but because it added some extra incentive for certain accomplishments other that get credits and xp.