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Though corvettes are most capable at exploiting inexperienced people - I do think against 4 man premades corvettes are the least effective of all 5 class types.

It's really just Stasis Ammo and your teams ability to dish out 12-18k dmg is easy split 8 ways. I think meta is shifting towards utility rather than upfront damage. Thats why you're seeing more tartar missiles, disruptors.

Honestly still seeing a lot more damage that tactial. I have most trouble with my artie (of course) and the statis beams wont do much good against the one shot, plus you have to give up a major offensive module to use them. And the problem with statis ammo is its pretty limited. Basically useless against dreads and most destroyers arent moving fast. It seems too specialized for me to  spend on it and deck out a T5, but thats me.

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it was a simple level system. youd go from 1-50 and every few levels would unlock modules and briefings. you also started with one variant of each class(light medium or heavy ships) which unlocked at particular levels to also purchase with credits that you only earned in game. there was only 15 ships 3 for every class. the endgame was similar but you saw hella more tartarus abilities being used all around instead of pure damage. i mained Monarch and had a loadout that bascially made me invincible(had breifings to reduce CD times when taking in damage on my sheilds and would cycle between armorbooster pulse or armor amp. the tier system came in and most of the ships basic mechanics was really boring to me and the grind it was to get to the ships i played a ton of looked way too tedious so i decided to give vette more priority since it gave me that sense of control of the fight instead of being a sitting duck.

Maybe Im just used to the current system but the old progression doesnt sound too great. I guess you were part of the wipe where everyone lost their progress?

They didnt have tiers at the start? How did the progression system work?

True about broken loadouts. The other problem with the vette is theyre so hard to hit and getting them even at medium range is hard. Its also definitely the hardest to learn; Im not a fan of them and Ive been playing about a year and a half and only last few months started using them. Im still not that good at thembutccabn do decent in matches. Im sure you, along with me, have lost numerous games from a teammate playing a vette and having a low score and getting a few kills and about 3-4 times as many deaths.

No, the whole corvettenought thing was an issue and when paired with the correct modules and OBs still can be, but usually in the hands of experienced players. I listed in another thread some changes I thought needed to be made about it. I had a few matches yesterday against a player that was really good with a vette and just slaughtered everyone, usually one hittign them. To me thats an issue.

That said, Shocknfunk is right that the previous setup of novices piloting T3s vs vets piloting T4s led to massacres, and that doesnt include squad seal clubbings. Even now when I play veteran as an experienced player there are times I romp the other team between my experience and OBs unlocked.

A few more things.

Artillary Pods
Given their damage and accuracy its like adding a sniper to the team. Id like to see dps reduced.

Market Glitches
First fix it so when you exit out of an item it doesnt remove filters and send you back to the beginning. Also, add filters for coating, emblems and decals.

Coating Selection
Have all the available ones at the beginning rather than having to sift through all of them.

Fleet Management
Fix the glitch that automatically reorders the fleet and make swapping positions an option. Having to remove ships and select them again is annoying, especially with the above mentioned glitch.

Dpad Commands
For PS4, make the dpad so that you can use the set power to options. I cant tell you how many times I died because the touchpad read the wrong one or not at all.

Sindley Bay Board. If we have it for the tutorial why not be available for a match?

Captain Appearance
Is it too much to ask to be able to see their whole body for the outfit? And yes, hair.

A list of the ribbons earned at the end of the match would be nice.

Tour Mode
Essentially allows players to move through a board learning it but not fighting anyone. A good way for newer players to help catch up to veterans familiar with them already.

Outside Sindley Bay
One think I liked about Star Trek Online was flying around outside Starbase and seeing other ships. A version for Sindely Bay would be cool but this is probably way too tall an order.

Not surprised. Even Team Deathmatch isnt great. All I play is Onslought because it has the best rewards. I think most are like that.

Youve reiterated what many have said already (no offense intended) but unforrunately the game isnt making enough for them to put further development into the game beyond patches. I myself have said multiple times PvE, more boards and new ships are needed, bur its not coming. A Sinley Bay board would be great.

Its not on PS4 either. Not enough people played and they had intended to bring it back but didnt due to a dwindling player base. I never got to even play it.

Sadly, no.