Just choose Team Elimination then. Assuming the majority picks Any, you "force" them into your chosen game mode. I had to wait only 2 minutes to get into a game (ongoing, but just first round).

Yes please. I feel like a fly when shooting a T4 Dread with my T2 "Svarog" (the current patch doesn't help, cross-bracket matchmaking is supposed to come back in the future). One could argue that any damage counts, but on the other hand, I will still cost my team 4 points when killed, despite being outranked by any other ship in that particular game.

Did I get this right - you start with only a Destroyer, a Tac, and an Arty? How are we supposed to get rid of artillery without a trader corvette in a tier 1 only battle?

Ohh, I did not know about the energy converting nature of kinetic armor. Thanks both of you, great advice!

So I encountered a certain Kreshnik on the battlefield and I am at my wit's end. It uses kinetic armor amplifier, laughing about my heavy flak, no ABW, and it just won't die. It also seems harder to hit with artillery than the other two classes. Can't even survive in a Zmey with armorbooster pulse. Any advice?

There are the interceptors which do what you want, a fleet of fighters sent to fight your target, well beyond the 5km range. They are okay-ish, but neither fast enough to chase a corvette, nor deal enough damage to harass an artillery cruiser (sentry drones are better for this). The fighter module however is indeed horrible, even worse than autoguns. It's not only their lack of initiative, they are also constantly blocking my shots. I'd rather have a swarm of mobile mines around me (even if they deal damage to me as well on detonation). Would make corvettes and destroyers think twice before blinking through/ramming my dread.

Interesting idea. Would allow to play around with modules which you haven't unlocked yet. I'd let the player choose from at least three different loadouts (I certainly wouldn't like to play a corvette the whole game). Or let your whole team of n players pick from the same pool of n+2 ships, where each ship can only used by a single player at the same time. As for the lore, maybe your ship was destroyed and your escape pod docked at an abandoned station with some ships still working?

Now of course this mode could be too much fun to pay ingame currency for any progression, so it requires some kind of entry fee (I think it's called "fleet repair cost" in Progression 2.0).

There are many modules which make you invincibile or near-invincibile for a short time. The biggest offender is probably a dreadnought's armor pulse (which in my opinion should be nerfed) which not only shields the ship itself, but also all allies nearby. Pay attention to the icons next to his hull indicator. If you see a green shield, it means he is buffed by an armor module. Also, shields of Corvettes are damage absorbing rather than damage reducing.

If it really is a bug, wait until Progression 2.0 launches. Our build is several builds behind the one the devs use. Maybe you could also record it (if you're using Windows 10, you could use the retroactive recording feature from the game bar).

I'm adding my thoughts on energy to this thread. Proper energy management is key. Here are some general tips regarding the three types. Now these are heavily based on my play style, so your mileage may vary:

General rule of thumb

If you expect an attack soon (e.g., you did not hear from the enemy's corvette for a long time), do not waste your energy completely. Of course, if you have other means of defense (armor amp/boost, autoheal, energy gen, etc.), you can ignore this rule.


This one depends on the ship class. As icuurd12b42 said, if you're a healer, energy to weapon boosts your healing output. Corvettes usally use it during an attack run. As an artillery cruiser, you can activate it before every shot and disable it afterwards to increase damage and reduce reload time. On the destroyer and the dreadnought, it doubles the amount of rounds fired per minute.

There is also the module amper officer briefing which increases the damage (or healing output) of modules if you had power to weapons when the module fired. For example, energy to weapons - launch nuke - energy to neutral -> the warhead is boosted.

If your target is a dreadnought or a destroyer and at full health, energy to weapons is usually wasted, since they will likely get their hull repaired by a healer, or hide. However, you can destroy damaged targets quicker. I often use it on my destroyer in combination with energy generator, so I can rain bullets down on my opponents without fearing the consequences of having no energy left. It's also very useful against artillery, since you want to destroy them as fast as possible.


Unless you're captain of a Monarch, shields are not the best option when you're under attack. Instead, use power to engines and go into cover. This sounds counter-intuitive at first, but here's an example: You're in a dreadnought and being shot at by an artillery cruiser. If you put power to shields, you take less damage; but once your energy bar is empty, you are probably still out in the open and being shot at. If you had boosted your speed, you could have taken cover behind that rock.

I use shields in the following cases:

  • to parry missiles, nukes, and broadsides (you even get a "parry" medal for it). Activate it before they hit you, and don't forget to reset your setting afterwards.

  • when a Corvette attacks. Think of Corvettes as big missiles you can shoot at. They do a lot of damage in a short time span, but once they fired everything they have, they're weak as a fly. (Note: Blast pulse and assault blink warp (currently) ignore shields).

  • to win a one vs. one. You have to be absolutely sure that you win the fight, otherwise flee!

Also note that Corvettes have a special kind of shield that absorbs damage entirely.


I find it the most powerful energy setting. A moving target is harder to hit than a sitting duck. Corvettes and light destroyers love to use their insane speed for hit-and-run tactics. Artillery cruisers can turn faster to choose their next target, or move up and down to evade attacks. Tacs do what they do best - run and hide. It will also allow you to overcome stasis and avoid being dragged by a tractor beam. And as explained above, even a dreadnought can benefit from it.

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