Have been gone awhile and logged on the other day and seen that the diffrent versions of the Trident and Zaratan are not there ? so what happend to them ? .

Uninstalled this game and wont be returning ill chalk up the money i spent as a waste the game is nearly dead no new updates to pc most of the people on there are just sitting with there buddys waiting to farm off of newer players no wonder they dont stay long. Good luck you will need it.

W4R-DN#4622 posted (#post-213848) said:

Well thats why i am not buying one (maybe the Orion, it has a pretty common loadout).
But i wish you would get a little more than just fancy looks for 4000 GP.

Btw i'm done with the doable part, got all t4 ships and a few t5's

Well you should appreciate the fact that a day one player is not able to match your tier 4,s or 5,s with just a swipe of his credit card.

Lymceh#8349 posted (#post-213843) said:

VirtualRiot#3785 posted (#post-213840) said:

IMO it should be Recruit is Tier 1 & 2, Veteran is Tier 3, Legendary is Tier 4 & 5. There is a HUGE power gap between T3 & T4, mostly due to officer briefings and better module choice at T4. Where as, there is not a big of a gap between T4 & T5 as both tiers have access to the same OBs and (mostly) the same choice of modules.

There's actually still a pretty big power gap between a fresh T4 and a maxed T5, just like with any two tiers; there is a substantial increase in module power for T5s. There is a reason that few people take a fully T4 fleet into Legendary. Best-case scenario, I think, would be to have 4 brackets (1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5) and offer incentive to play at a disadvantage (increased rewards for playing a ship in the lower end of the bracket). The problem with limiting T4s to only playing legendary is that the T4 grind will become even more ridiculous because the only way to grind them will be against maxed T5s in legendary, and there will just be the same problem that T3s face now (only the stepped up module costs and tech for next ship will be even more painful to grind out).

I think they should just bring them even more in line with each other as far as damage and health goes and just increase loadout slots for higher tiers so that the farther you go up in tiers the more slots you have available to use in battle.

W4R-DN#4622 posted (#post-213711) said:

Well i think hero ships should have more unconventional loadouts like the Leviathan with assault thrust, which is pretty uncommon (actually i never saw assault thrust being used before the ship came out).
But playing the Leviathan itself is putting you at a disadvantage against other ships in its current state.
I really can't see its current loadout be somewhat near useful

The argument of being pay 2 win is a very stupid one, but if the devs want to listen to players which are about as smart as Melville Blanco and propably won't ever buy anything and quit the game after they notice they keep being wrecked, than you destroy your own game step by step. Hero Ships should be just as strong as other ships, not worse.

So heres my point of view: I would like to spend money on the game, my only issue is how without wasting it (yeah i know technically its always wasted but who cares) Hero Ships? Only get cosmetics, ship is shieeet, so i can't use it for getting free XP. Elite Status? My semester starts next week so i won't have a lot of time to play and buying elite to maybe use 1/24 hours is not what i would call efficient.

Whats currently happening is that they are trying to sell us useless but cool looking ships. does it work? maybe. will i support this? nope.

Hero ships are not supposed to be as good as grind ships also they are an item that you do not haft to buy to play the game personally i do buy them and own several but the best bang for your buck is elite status as the grind from tier 1 to 4 atm is pretty doable now tier 5 thats a diffrent story. Personally i would think alot less of this game if someone could just buy there way into higher tiers as an equal to my Jutland .

NikosMittas#6853 posted (#post-211794) said:

There was prosses reset with the update? or is just me?
After the update i started as new player.

How long ago has it been since you played ? There was a reset but that was a long time ago there was no reset on this patch and will be none going ahead.

Love the update it was great to finally be able to pick what i wanted from the tech tree also the load outs and being able to use modules fron the previous tier untill you can unlock same tier ons really helps out . Thank you for listening and making this game much more enjoyable.

I dont have that problem maybe its just you .

Lymceh#8349 posted (#post-208072) said:

One of my biggest gripes about the tech tree system is the lack of customizability for a fresh ship in a line that starts at T4. For ship lines that start earlier, you've always had the option to carry a loadout you like from T2 onto your new T3, and from your T3 on to your new T4. Something I'd like to see is, for the first ship in a line (Ballista, Jutland, Palos, Kreshnik, Dola, Koschei, Gravis, Fulgora, and Vindicta) to have a selection of T-1 modules that the player would have had a choice from if the ship started a tier earlier. Even with the removal of the tree structure, you still need to grind through several games with the unchangeable stock loadout before getting more desireable modules for a brand new ship line. This will be even more noticeable with the new loadout system, as these ships wont even be able to utilize additional loadout options until the player actually has unlocked the options.

As a player who loves the light tactical line, I'm pleased with the changes to speed. It's always felt a very slow and unresponsive ship, requiring Engine Rigger to have a hope of chasing anything down. However, I am of the opinion that the ship still wont be able to fulfil the role of effectively hunting down corvettes, simply due to the lack of options to lock them down and tear them apart; typically, you can only do one or the other. The tac will still be highly dependant on their team to bring a good corvette down; all that more speed does is assist in bringing down those 'vettes that narrowly escape.

I agree 100% if you have modules unlocked from a previous tier then you should ne able yo use them rather than the stock load out.

TitanEx#2963 posted (#post-208040) said:

Wanted to echo that the starling nuke nerf was far too harsh. Its frankly not worth using at all right now. This module is an anti camper module please buff the damage to make it a threat. You can balance it by increasing the skill component of air bursting the salvo over the enemy to maximize damage.

As mentioned earlier in this thread the jutland/monarch guns need a buff they are just far too weak considering thier range limitations and projectile speed.

Yes the salvo for nukes was pretty harsh its practically useless and yes please buff the PRIMARY guns there called primary for a reason the output on them is a joke if nothing else buff the dispersion that in itself would help tremendously.