Happy to see the extra mmodules for tier 3 and the buff on hp this should get newer players to que up on veteran matches .

They need to work on mm I would like to see tier 1 just play tier 1 do a slight buff to tier 2 and just have 2 and 3 paired togeather tier 3 now is basically useless and unplayable. Then lastly have tiers 4 and 5 matched togeather thats my two cents anyhow.

I would like to see a buff to the pprimary guns dispersion it's prett bad that ship has these hugh artillery type gons and you do 150 to 200 damage at range with them oean the whole ider of primary weapons is that there used first then the secondaries but with this ship it's bass akwards .

PeaceKeeper#1936 posted (#post-205379) said:

So, for me sniper do too much damage and it's not rare to be with 4 ennemy snipers who literally one shoot our dreadnought. I love this game but it's this point it's nonsense.Even with corvette it's very hard to kill them because they are often protected by tac cruiser and their is also the mine.For me snipers need to have a support role not a damage dealer or just put ONE in a team not 4 ! It's very frustrating when you were killed buy this and you can't do nothing ! Dread are very powerful but snipers can destroy them in few shoot ! I know teamplay blablabla.... But look i'm level 3-4 and i play with two friends and snipers are always destroying us ! So now we are just waiting for a nerf of snipers. You lose 3 players devs ! Do something or SnipersNought is coming ! (Word of arty btw).
Furthermore with the new progression system it's slower to advance and unlock new equipment.

Nuke them most het tunnel vusuon and will just sit in the same spot what I do is pop up with my dred use armor amp and sheild while the guy is wailing on me I pop a nuke and its bye bye arty.

Contact support and ssend them a copy of the transaction all your progress is saved on there end so a hd failure shouldn't effect that.

Thoughts so far after playing with the new patch last time I was in home I think that the credits are a little low xp seems to be ok bur the credits are lagging behind . I purposely played my tier 2 and 3 dreds and after awround 10 matches was easily getting 40k xp plus between the two of them granted that needs to be unlocked but im ok with that because I know that they haft ro make money to keep this game afloat . So being a casual player I can live with that as I can plan on what I need to do to get what I want but I would like to see a bump in the credit earnings.

Yeah the nerfs didn't help and it os hard to take them out I know becouse I sometimes play tac but it will het addressed eventually.

Sounds interesting.

(how is sitting behind a wall and left-clicking supposed to be funny).

Becouse i get to come on the forums and read these posts XD .

when I was at that stage I used a healer and ground out my dreds module's with it even with a loss I still did way better in it than any other ship.