To be honest I have not played the new update yet but it looks like all they did was increase the grind I thought it was bad enough where it was but it was tolerable. Now being a casual player I don't see how I can progress at any reasonable pace seeing how im away from home three weeks at a time its going to be impossible to reach tier 5 it will literally take months. I love the game and do support it I own several hero shops and do like playing them but even with the increase in free xp I don't see it offsetting the increases I guess ill just play what I already have and wont worry about upgrading anything else.

Have they fixed the bug with the Trident with the nuke not launching ? I have sent in alot of iinformation on this including a video showing it and was told it vould take months and was offered a refund . I do like the changes and all but with the primary weapon not working it kind of gimps the whole loadout .

X Eve player here started in 2005 left when ccp came up with the bright idea of letting people buy there skills.

If you bought the packs you do not need to activate a recruitment pack pretty sure that's not possible on an already existing account anyway because you already have everything these would give you .

Sorry to see a player go I cant accept the pay to win though because being a player that only gets to play a few (2-3) days a month i would be doing it believe me but i still enjoy playing and I'm trying to level up a couple tier 4,s and elite status does indeed help with this. Graphics are fine and i haven't noticed a downgrade in quality I am running older cards 2x GTX 970,s and its a pretty good looking game and good frame rates so it might be something failing on your end . There are some balance issues and I believe that they will address these in the near future .

Once again sorry to see a player leave but i really do think that maybe you may be a bit frustrated with something and are not giving the game a fair review here.

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-141375)

Greetings, my fellow space comrades!

I am Happy to announce you-although no fooks are given-that I turned 16 years old today, the 08.09.2017!

I also breached 500 forum posts!

(could I get a birthday carrier class maybe? smile)

Happy Birthday !!!

PS: I got you beat by 40 years smile .

Agreed they do need to get a handle on this as it is detrimental to their website and game.

I just cannot see the problem here stay together work as a team if I see a corvette coming after one of my healers II'll wait an slap a tractor beam on him while giving him a taste of my broadside and secondaries POOF no more vette.

I swear the tier 2 Morningstar is set up perfectly for this vary thing .

I hope everyone made it through OK and that your family's are safe my prayers go out to everyone affected by that terrible storm .

You need to contact support I did about an issue I have with a particular ship and was answered within hour's also I have called them in the past about issues so I don't see a problem other than you don't want to put forth an effort to do it.