Haven't really had a problem with them even at tier 2 my Nav fully equipped was more than enough to deal with a vette.

BRIGGStovd#6695 posted (#post-134545)

Would anybody else like to see self destruction

No it would be abused by players wanting to cheat others out of a kill.

I saw this and thought hay April fools is already past right ?.

I saw this and thought hay Aprilfools Iis already past right ?.

Tatical nuke not firing on the Trident i mean it's not like you can swap it for something that works .

I would like to see a question and answer session with you asking questions presented to you by us the pkayers to the Developers .

I do not know as there is no real explanation as to there use together and if they do in fact stack or if they do stack what is the penalty ? . I just run power to weps then depending on if there is teammates awround I'll either Ron wep pulse or amplifier then finish off with the last buff.

Lol XD.

Than what is your gripe that you agreed to something that you don't like ? from your post and especially how you wish them bankrupt it appears that you posted it becouse you were upset not as a way to educate others . My bad

You have been here this long and have just noticed that ? Do you all ways agree on things before you read the fine print ? .

This is pretty standard in the gaming industry and if you feel that it's not for you then do not check the I agree box it's simple as that.