CtrlAltWheee#2640 posted (#post-114681)

Dreadnought artists, you guys are kings.

The art in this game is so far above every other spaceship game. It hits the spot.

As a player and nerd, I am 100% happy with the art in this game.

Special Nerd Appreciation:

1. The flaring jets on the valcour line. Whoever did that, it was worth it. And I love you.

2. The vtol wing adjustment on the palos line. Animations like that make a big difference.

3. The puffs of steam coming out of the ships in the hangar. And the little people walking around. And the forklift. And the ship that flies by. It all looks like a labor of love and it pays off. The dreadnought hangar demolishes mwo and pretty much every other similar game I've played.

Agreed. They nailed the art. 10/10

I do wish the weapon effects were a bit more impressive though - the primary weapons sound so wimpy.

The more I read in this thread, the more sad I get and the closer I get to uninstalling the game before I let myself really like this game. The maintenance "tax" reminds me so much of what Heroes & Generals did (still do I think) and it was such a turn off. Anyway, one thing seems for sure, I guess I will just not buy any T3+ ships and just play T2 forever or until things turn around.

Theobald#3611 posted (#post-114590)

All games go downhill.

It's just repulsive to people that don't want to spend a dime on it, and those people are not paying the bills anyway. Simple facts.

So drop the free to play BS and charge an up front purchase price and be done with the F2P shenanigans. Cash shop for cosmetics.

Dathayn#9671 posted (#post-114365)

Yes the maintenance model does suck. You want everyone to know how good u are? Super...dont really care.

Quite a lot of us play with limited time in the pursuit of fun, not some super competitive drive. We have disposable funds too. If i can enjoy the gameplay sans punishment and feel good about getting somewhere, more funds go to this game. Otherwise, i have other things to play. Pretty simple

That pretty much sums up my feelings too. You want to be super competitive and show off your epeen? Go head. I'll take my money elsewhere thank you very much.

And I just don't get F2P games. Why not just charge a one time fee like is traditional and get rid of the microtransaction shenanigans (at least for anything other than cosmetic stuff)?