Ok i was in the midddle of a battle and i was disconnected and when login again this happened. At least is not only me.

I think doing that would meant a drastical change to the game mechanic and im not sure if that would affect to other classes making them worse but its a valid idea. As i said well have to wait until next patch changing healers to see how that affect to the healing power.

Im not with your opinion in this matter and ill say why. With the things like they are now with super healing bubble of several tacs together its very hard to kill a Dread, and you want to give more health to them? I particulary dont like battles of 2 or 3 tacs and 3 dreads advancing slow toward enemy fleets an you cant do nothing against them because of the nonsense of power healing. Yes there are some options against it but you will probably end dead trying in most cases.
"IF" they fix it in later patches then well see how the battles go and then maybe what you ask will be a need for dreads but until then i dont like the idea of giving dread class more HP. DPS maybe or at least give the shells more velocity bc against fast ships is a pain to aim.
This is mostly my personal opinion, as a artillery main ship user i also would like corvettes with paper armor but this is bc of the rage of being killed many times