cgralphy#2960 posted (#post-99524)

With this resolution you cant close your friend list

another bug is that the game goes to 1920x1080 automatically at the start

I am also on 3440 x 1440 and I can confirm both of these issues. My resolution doesn't reset to 1920x1080 though, it resets to 1920x1440. I have to change the resolution back to 3440x1440 every single time I launch the client. Super Annoying. All other graphics options persist between sessions.


Here's the deal. You released this game in a closed BETA for testing. Good on you! we like betas, they help you work out bugs in your game. (that said, the bug report that I submit on a weekly basis for resolution resets has still yet to be addressed)

Here's the problem. Streamers have already had a go at your game and have moved on. So you have lost that avenue for advertising. You have your own launcher and don't use traditional store platforms because you didn't want to pay the Steam Mafia tax so now you're in a predicament. Not many know about this game. Result, small player base and long queue times. We can only do so much to help!

You need advertising and or partnership with a company that has a community base that accesses their store. I.E. Steam. Have you considered this?

Winstonovski#7795 posted (#post-103170)

it'd be nice to have a server status indicator on the launcher.

Agreed! I also got disconnected along with a friend. Unable to login.

JudgeDread#1242 posted (#post-25246)

Great game so far from the Beta Testing, one thing I MUST have is the cruise control. After few hours of intensive play my left hand tall finger hurts so much.

Do finger exercises between games. - Also high dread! I think we played a few games earlier today

JinKo82#6841 posted (#post-26610)

you guys (grey shi t) are pathetic. either keep the servers up or keep them down. you can forget taking my money for the big founders pack

Enjoy what you can. Also welcome to Beta testing and I hope you enjoy your stay!

I was able to get in, but my friend's list had "online" and "offline" icons and the names were gone. Also, my friend couldn't log on so we're going to give it a break and try again later.

I have never seen someone whine over something so trivial, shut up and eat your humble pie.

And you actually took time off from work LMAO!