Thank you, was it so hard for you to do that the first time.

as i still do not agree with you what so ever, i respect your option and agree to just disagree.

dude there was nothing constructive, nor conducive to what you said. yes you have a controdictary option, sweet! but instead of blowing your own horn and being a troll, trying offering some insight.

if you pay real world money that gives you an advantage such as reciving more experinces points based on preformance of in game skill over other players that dont and you then spend those experince points on upgrading your ships, you have been given an advantage not based on skill or time. games like this are setup that if you pay for the elite memebership/extra gp/hero ships you recive something that puts you ahead of the game. buy the extra gold, get elite and get more Xp from basic games, buy extra gold, buy hero ships, convert to free xp, upgrade ships you hate or dont fly. if you pay real world money and recieve the means to skate over the grind that is the game, its pay to win.

we have all seen games like this and it happens over and over again. content will drop where you can buy weapon increases, energy buffs, sheild buffs, and everything else in between. it happens, no one is shocked by it.

the bothersome issue is that fact you normally have more time of the Devs caring and being all about the game, until i becomes so popular that it has very much caught on. which this game has yet to do and honestly at this rate probably wont do at the rate its going.

also there shouldnt be "IF" your team works together and there sure as science, better not be someone caring your team. those are all hallmarks of a screwed up matchmaking system and what is the point of a squad on squad based game if its all up to someone that can carry a team? oh wait there isnt a point to that game system what so ever, which is why you constantly read in the comments where players take extremly long breaks from the game. you take that break(which i have also done) because the game developement dumps out for awhile and the game becomes stale and no longer worth the play time for all the issues. everyone does it, because everyone gets sick of the bull! but when consistantly you see players returning from that break and are expressing their frustration and issue with the game because of its drastic shift in gameplay, that should be a massive red flag to the order of things.

yeah its a game, but its a game we all really seem to care about. i helped with the testing on this game and have put a lot of hours into it so far, players like me just dont want people to get caught up on the silly stuff and watch the game off the tracks. so please, either be constructive or be silent.

i started out on Ps4 when this game was profoundly early in its developement. i even remember the first vocie actor used for the dude in the matchmaking screen, this game is very different than what it once was.

Vettes are all over the place and i understand and can validate both arguements on them. but what it comes down to is its broken. if you have to think of an elbarate defense for the arguemnt in any direction it is broken plain and simple.

are the other ship classes just as busted and broken? oh yes it is. which tells us two things, 1.) the Devs are only half paying attention. 2.) this game is becoming more and more about wallet warriors and pay to win. why? because well take a look. devs always answer with go to youtube to watch a tutorial on how some goon that button smashes everything and just fires at anything and everything or they tell you to work better as a team. which i have said it before and i will say it again, there is no teamwork in this game. if you get lucky and you find a good crew you ride that wave as long as you can, because good luck any other time. but both are profoundly weak answers thst divert from the actual issues thst are not being openly addressed.

matchmaking is absolute garbage and a flaming dumpster fire at that. why? because the devs focus is now on making money rather than player experince. (before any of you goons jump me for saying it yes there is money to be made and you have to have money to improve the game. but there is a fine line and well hey we can all see this game taking a nose dive.) matchmaking sucks and is off balanaced because there is not enough people to fill the rooms. hince why it takes 10 min or more to get into a match on average or you get thrown into a match thst is 3/4 the way completed, only to then have to start the timer again. not to mention how off balanced the games are when you have stacknup such as high level tier 4s in matches with low level tier 3 players, which happens all the time. no one likes playing in those matches because the scores are so wickedly one sided that its only enjoyable for the player that spends 30 or 40 bucks on elite status or hero ships every so many weeks.

the maps are small and there is only honestly 3 maps to begin with. 90% of the time the enemy respawns behind you or under you, which when you are already enganging an enemy is bad news.

the game doesnt offer any insentive for team work and tactics. we have all seen it a thousand times, game starts and good ol slick Rick wallet warrior in his hero ship har charges the enemy and throws everything out of wack. people start spawning all over the place and the whole match becomes a big show of spawn, die, and repeat. all because the Devs want to make more money they arent putting into the game.

console player constantly get backdoored over and over again when it comes to running against pc players. so why do pc players need an aimbot to help them, they honestly dont. but if pc players have an increase in kills and what not they are more apt to spend money on in game purchases.

so we dont need to argue back and forth on ships, because they are all broken and screwed up.

dont even get me started on those stupid little sniper pods that can be deploied because those are just crazy stupid.

this game is flat out screwed up, i know because i have played it from the beginning. for the most part everyone is making valid points, but not in the direcrion that doesnt lead to this game being broken.

things they need to fix:
1.) Matchmaking
2.) Balanced ship classes
3.) Balanced xp earnings
4.) Maps
5.) less wallet warriors

that generally sums it up. but honestly this game is going the way of World of Tanks and WarThunder. its all going to become about how much money you are willing to give the devs to enjoy the game.

the answer of play nice and motivate the other player is a very weak answer and a massive pile of bull. i would love to see the video of a player trying to motivate another player to pay attention. because honestly you get laughed, muted, or told to shut up. there is very little team work in this game and more and more people play this game as if they are the lone hero. players have no insentive to work together, use tactis and strategy, or do anything but rush rush rush. try to explain that and you get the shut up you dont know what your talking about.

you cant give it as an answer or a fix when it doesnt work as an answer or a fix.