woops... failpost happend.

keep moving, nothing to see here...


And welcome the the forums.

Congrats! You found a bug! smile

Maybe the text you were sending was the cause.

Did you already send a report from the ingame menue?

If not you might do that and help the devs fix it.


Edit: Cancel that post. Kazma hit my thoughts.


What leader boards are you talking about?

I explained it to myself so that there might be a shooting range nearby.

But I found it also a bit out of place.

I also experienced the problem, that you get thrown out of the textfield when you press the spacebar.

You have to klick again to be able to name your ship "Mr. T", for example.

I really like the Idea.

But I'm also really worried about the trolling potential this involves.

You could prevent trolls from killing friendlies with a weapon-lock. (If I remember correctly there is something like this in Planetside 2) When you shoot your team, you first get a warning: textmessage and sound.

If you don't stop in time, your weapon will be disabled for a while. The time your weapons lock, can be longer the more often you shoot friendlies.

Could be bad, if a teammate gets in the way of your missle-salvo though! smile

Also it would prevent exploiting friendly fire.

I don't know how a healer get's his points but I guess it depends somewhat on the amount of damage healed?

-> One teammate shoots the other, healer heals, gets points. Repeat.

Boring, but a possible exploit.


If you could do circles like this: ^ up, right >, down v, left <, ^ up, right >, ... and so on.

That would make sniping from a "safe" distance even more difficult.

And I'm bad at it already! ^^

Also you would have to think about Key-Bindings again.

Anyone knows the X-Games from egosoft? (e.g. X3: Terran Conflict) That's pretty "spacy" movement.


I like the idea of hiding in shadows. smile

To drive it even further, you could change the position of the light-source during battle.

Like the sun would during a cycle of night and day.

But I guess that would be lot of work for a rather minor feature.