this game will continue to hemorrhage new players due to a single class griefing them HARD with max level corvettes still running around that have actually gotten a nice BUFF since I last gave up on this game (increased effective range). Now your flak cannons went from 90% ineffective to 100% ineffective congrats.... I just find it amazing that nearly 6 months later the most unbalanced class in the game didn't get re-balanced yet, it got buffed lol... back to uninstall

seriously I haven't played this game for nearly half a year and I check forums only to see there are 3 POSTS STILL talking about corvettes being OP... holy crack these devs must all only play the corvette class it's still broken and requires more effort than ANY other class to counter... I also see in the patch notes the effective range of Corvettes has been buffed lol so I recommend doing what I and many others have done, uninstall the game..

I gave up on this game many many months ago due in most part for the crazy imbalance of the corvette class, log back in just to see if anything has changed, 9 corvettes in a match all other ships near worthless > proceed to uninstall again lol...

A lot of interesting discussions going on here but I think a lot of you defending the corvette class are missing the bigger picture, just as trying to argue all the risks of shooting fish in a barrel misses the larger point - shooting fish in a barrel in and of itself is already over kill, you guys are arguing over the effectiveness of certain fish to counter different bullet loadouts.

What other space game that has capital class ships allows the smallest ship in the game to be more powerful than that biggest ships? Also keep in mind the best defense you can have is to NOT get hit, which is what the corvettes excel at having the smallest hitbox, most effective shields, fastest speed & maneuvering, stealth tech for added measure the most number of evasion modules in the game.

Yes it's suppose to be an assassin class for smaller ships like the tacticals and arties but in it's current iteration they are able to 1 shot destroyers and can even take out most dreadnoughts with their speed, stealth, shields and weapon damage.

No ship should have so many clear advantages over every other class, that is fundamentally flawed. Once again you guys are arguing over the small points, like modules that you have to equip to counter 1 specific class, and a ship (palos) that you have to unlock just to stand a chance.

Most corvettes can outrun every missile or torpedo you throw at it, while easily dodging main weapon fire. Flak cannons range is only 800m while most corvette pilots hover around the 1.2km range meaning all you guys talking about stasis and drain pulses guess what? Those don't work on any decent corvette pilot. 90% of all the modules & counters DON'T WORK unless corvettes get too close or don't outrun the projectiles!

But once again we are arguing the nuances, while overlooking the fundamentals; the smallest ship in the game has the most powerful weapons, best defensive measures, fastest speed and smallest hitbox all at the same time. Seriously why does the dreadnought class even exist with 50 gun turrets mounted all over the hull when the smallest ships in the game with 2-4 miniguns can over power them?

I've literally stood right beside a hovering corvette in my tier 4 destroyer, with him just above 1km away, his shields were up, my shields were up, and we were having a 1v1 gunfight and I easily lost as his 4 little cannons were more powerful than all the guns on a much larger destroyer. Drain torpedo you say? Yeah by the time the torpedo launched and hit him I was already dead, it was over in 4 seconds and that kind of engagement happens all the time.

Do you guys not see the fundamental error in design there? No other ship class in the game has as many advantages as the corvette class over every other! It's baselines stats are far superior to other ship classes and it's 1 disadvantage (HP) is already countered with the default loadout of 100% effective shields and evasion modules. Giving you enough time to get off 2 volleys before you take any real damage and then flying off into the distance to heal and do it again.

Other ships don't have the default loadouts to counter the corvettes when you get them, you have to unlock specific modules which takes time/money. Alternatively you can bring a level 3 palos into a veteran game full of tier 4 ships just so you can counter 1 class. Mind you that the palos does not heal other ships directly and is itself a gimped tactical class ship with underwhelming offensive capabilities against anything that isn't a corvette.

If flak cannons actually had an effective range of 1.2 km then that would cut down half the criticism of the class but as it stands they are essentially worthless for corvette pilots who know to stay out of the 1km range. Even if you do happen to get a corvette in the 800m range and fire your flak cannons guess what? You need 2-3 volleys to take them down and it has an extremely slow reload time.

If you can't kill a corvette with your flak cannons in 4 seconds, then you are dead because that's all the time the corvette needs to take you down in anything less than a dreadnought, or else they will blink/boost away the moment they take any real damage. If they get their shields up your flak cannons are now worthless again because their shields absorb 100% of the damage, again the only class of ships that can do that.

The corvette class has more built in counters to every other counter your ship comes with by default including all the unlocked modules you could think off. Every missile & torpedo can be outrun, every stasis/drain pulse and flak cannon can be out ranged, every main weapon fire can be out maneuvered by DEFAULT load-outs on the corvette class. Do you guys not see that huge-glaring-fundamental-gamebreaking flaw??

That's why there is so much contention with this class, with probably 10 threads in the last week talking about this very issue, and it won't stop until there is a fundamental re balance of the corvette class relative to the other classes in the game.

I think it's a mis-step to not allow the tactical cruisers of the jupiter arms lineup the ability to heal, it doesn't make sense with the lineup. Yes it's good at countering 1 ship type that is fundamentally overpowered (corvettes) but underwhelming versus every other class providing only slight utility to the team and thus breaking the role of this class.

The weapons can do more damage than the other tach's but should also heal slower as a trade off which would have made that lineup fine, right now it's a bit unfair that all the other tachs can heal directly but the jupiter arms tachs can't. It's in a weird spot right now, as you've taken away the main purpose of the class for just 1 faction.

An attack spec tactical cruiser is pretty underwhelming in terms of it's damage output as other classes can do much better, and only if you are paired up with another palos/harwich can that actually work a little bit but you would be better off with 1 dreadnought/destroyer/artillery/corvette + 1 actual tactical cruiser instead.

Palos & Harwich main beams need to provide some healing like every other ship in it's class otherwise you're just riding around in a gimped ship trying to fill a role that other ships are better at.

Yeah as a new player I simply can't see why I should try and reach for tier 5 ships

  • Tier 5 ships are extremely pricey and time consuming to unlock

  • Once you do unlock Tier 5 ships the module costs are extremely high

  • You can max out a few T4 ships before your first T5

  • The mode with the most players is in veteran, not legendary!

As it stands now, I can only imagine getting a T5 ship just for the skins, I probably wont be playing on legendary mode as the wait times are too long and it would take forever for me to get the upgrades/modules I want to be competitive in that tier.

I could have more fun leveling up several T4 ships instead and so an entire tier of this game is dead to me unless i have the excess cash and credits laying around to get them. Even still, it would lock me out of the Veteran matches which is where all the action is so again I don't see the incentive here.

Actually I summed the stats for each ship within that class to determine their point allotment respectively. So for example to consider the maneuverability we would determine the mean value across all ships of that class using the data provided in game:

maneuverability rating


38 + 36 + 35 + 44 + 42 + 41 + 40 + 39 + 53 + 52 = 42.0 average


38 + 37 + 35 + 34 + 39 + 38 + 36 + 35 + 34 + 30 + 29 + 28 = 34.4 average


35 + 34 + 33 + 31 + 30 + 52 + 51 + 49 + 48 + 47 = 41.0

etc... We are only talking about the baseline stats of each class as a whole, sure one ship may be higher or lower but the average and relative standing of each class is properly in aggregate..

As far as the shielding goes, we are again using the data provided in game. The Corvettes have 100% shield blocking while the dreadnought class has 65%. You could maybe derive a composite metric that tallies shield effectiveness, duration, and drain rate but to keep it simple we are simply using the values provided in the game to determine which class has the most effective shields.

Izomaniac#4851 posted (#post-126747)

This'll get pointed out eventually, but this rating chart isn't totally accurate because it seems to only be based on one of the three weights of each class (light, medium, heavy). While the Light corvette might get that high rating there is no way the medium or heavy will. Each of the three weight classifications will score differently in each class, it would be disingenuous to make any statement off this limited comparison.

Edit: Worth noting that corvette shields shouldn't be a five since they have such a low duration.

Lets plot the point distribution across all classes using the totals we found above:

█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █   CORVETTE's (26)

█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █                                   DREADNOUGHT's (11)

█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █                DESTROYER's (20)

█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █                        ARTILLERY's (16)

█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █                      TACTICAL's (17)


Here we can see that corvettes are at the very top of the stat points allotment with 26 and Dreadnoughts -oddly enough - take the very bottom spot with only 11 points received relative to the other classes using the metrics above. We aren't taking into account modules because that's hard to quantify, but depending on load-out you would certainly see the needle move one way or the other but the baselines stats of each class are set!

So how does each class stack up to each other in terms of baseline stats? Well the information is scattered throughout the game in various tool tips and overlays but there's no place to go to see how each class stacks up next to each other. Lets try to visualize the relative balance of each class by ranking them against each other using the data available in the game.

I've chosen to rank each class against each other on a scale of 1 - 5 (1 being the lowest stat value and 5 being the highest). I've used some key metrics that can apply to any space shooter game namely, speed, agility, hitbox, damage and shields. Besides each stat you'll also see that particular metric(s) ranking relative to other classes. We are ignoring the role each ship plays and looking only at baseline stats! Finally, you'll see Total Points at the bottom showing the sum of all points awarded towards each class respectively.


█ █ █ █ █        SPEED     #1

█ █ █ █ █        AGILITY   #1

█ █ █ █ █        HITBOX    #1

█ █ █ █ █        DAMAGE   #1

█ █ █ █ █        SHIELDS   #1

█                 LIFE       #5



█                 SPEED     #5

█                AGILITY   #5

█                 HITBOX    #5

█ █               DAMAGE   #4

█                 SHIELDS   #5

█ █ █ █ █        LIFE       #1



█ █ █ █         SPEED     #2

█ █ █ █         AGILITY    #2

█ █              HITBOX    #4

█ █ █ █          DAMAGE   #2

█ █              SHIELDS   #4

█ █ █ █          LIFE       #2



█ █               SPEED     #4

█ █               AGILITY   #4

█ █ █ █          HITBOX    #2

█ █ █            DAMAGE   #3

█ █ █            SHIELDS   #3

█ █               LIFE       #4



█ █ █            SPEED     #3

█ █ █            AGILITY   #3

█ █ █            HITBOX    #3

█                DAMAGE   #5

█ █ █ █          SHIELDS   #2

█ █ █            LIFE       #3


Yup F2P games will always have an element of grind, but yeah wow you sure do feel it. I really enjoyed the progression to Tier 4 but I have no interest really in getting to tier 5 because I feel most games are in the Veteran Bracket (tier II-IV ships). Veteran was suppose to only be tier 3-4 but actually you get players from tier 2 as well.

Mostly due to a bug where even if you select a recruit game and you have high level 2 ships in your recruit class, you will be placed in Veteran matches instead of recruit matches which is actually a pretty big issue to those who dont know how to fix it. (place tier 1 ship in your recruit fleet).

But in any case, I think it will take me 2 weeks at the amount I play to ever get into a stock T5 ship, and then what? another 2 weeks to unlock the modules perhaps being they are sooo expensive. That is such a massive grind I could spend that time/energy unlocking 3-4 tier IV ships instead.