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As it was just recently implemented do expect more improvements as we continue to move forward. I personally am a big fan of auto game rotations.

I like it as well, but make it automatic like icuurd said. The main problem with a voluntary system is the losing team players are less likely to want to continue on for fear of a repeat loss, even if the teams may be shuffled.

If you do decide to keep it voluntary, remove the automatic return to hangar. Leave the match screen open until enough players either choose to continue (and load next match) or leave (and exit to hangar).

1) Free XP is worthless in the idea that you have to play the game anyway to earn some ship xp to convert and you earn a little bit every game. Unless I'm wrong, you can't just directly swap GP into it. So if you're going to play to earn ship xp anyway, why not use the ship that needs it?

Let's say you want the "Survival Instinct" perk from the Onager but hate playing it. It'll take ~80k xp to research it if I recall correctly. So your options are:

  • Play with it. Even with minimal effort you can earn an average of 2000 xp on Onslaught. 80/2 = 40 games

    If you're more than decent or have elite then you can cut that down like butter.

  • Use what free xp you have but that may not be enough, which brings you back to above ^

  • Convert xp: which is contingent upon a fully researched ship to use for conversion (which will cost either more ship or free xp to spend!), xp from those ships, and GP. Any of those can run out, which brings you back to above ^

Once again, you have to have some ship xp to use. So 10 games using the Onager = 20k xp, that's already the majority for the 1st module research. A conversion for another ship's 20k xp = 500 GP = $5 US. So if you were able to fully convert all the xp needed then that's $20 (the minimum purchase pack) just to fully research that 1 officer briefing. Using that GP on elite status instead would gain you significantly more than that in not only ship xp but some free xp earned after battles so in the end it's a poor trade off.

2) GP is finite, as in the players do not have an unlimited supply themselves. They can acquire more by buying and/or career progression, but they will always either run out, have an unusable amount, or just stagnate. Since it is not a continuously renewed source or income, it is finite.

3) You may have several rich friends that can burn through thousands of dollars at a whim, but that's not how the majority of the world works, especially when it comes to videogames. A one time $20 purchase is one thing, maybe a little more later, but most people have the ability to set a limit that's not even in the realm of that possibility. So now GP is a precious resource to them and not to be wasted frivolously. But the market is already split into elite status, cosmetics, and hero ships. Adding the mandatory fee for xp conversion is already in a losing position because it's a 1-time trade off unlike the others because they last longer (despite elite being only temporary the gains are immeasurably more than without it). You expect people to constantly be throwing money at the game just to flip xp when regular xp is easy to get? No way. If you are then I either envy your financial status, or I'm sorry that you are a fool. Get whatever period of elite status, play, earn xp, and save some bucks. And just because the option is there doesn't mean people like or want it. I highly doubt people are flocking to the $100 packs.

4) Yes, it pains me to see the points sit there unused, and I'm certainly not going to pay to convert them. Why? Because the xp system itself is not dependent on any purchases of any kind, unlike the other stuff for sale. I earned those points by playing, not through a credit card or trickery. So locking those points only behind an arbitrary paywall just because "it makes money" is flawed logic. In that case, why make the game free to begin with? They could charge up front for everything to make money. $ per ship, $$ per module, $$$ per officer briefing. Then there wouldn't have necessarily been an xp system to criticize. See, flawed logic.

5) Do I need the points? No, I'm getting by fine without them. But it would be better to see them used than not, and I don't see how my asking for a secondary option to convert xp without a fee and at a reduced exchange rate comes off as begging for everything to be free. I certainly didn't say anything close to that.

The game is F2P, and I have no problem admitting that I haven't spent a single penny on it. I've played many such games, and some I've contributed to, while the rest, not at all. This game is in beta, has some glaring problems, and I'm not sure of the future vision yet to determine what my money worth is, especially since I'm not pleased with the current prices of things. If that makes me a cheapskate that's fine with me.

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There appears to be some miscommunication here. Unless the game info is wrong, you are not matched up against newbies but the same captain rank as you are. So you are already playing against people familiar with the game and any kind of domination is your fault or theirs.

Usually it's 1-2 high level players on your team vs 1-2 high level players on their team. And those players just say hi to each other while bullying other new players

So on the end of match screen displaying everyone at level 50, or "Anax of the Belt", who is/isn't high level?

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They are not going to do that. There are people who have spent a lot of GP converting XP to free XP. This is a free to play game so the Devs and publisher jave to some how.

With that said I'm not a fan of the smooth of conversion. I tho k it should be 100-1 Not 40-1.

Free XP is basically worthless. A few games will get you the majority of research points needed and a minimal of free ones can be used to top it off, even while using a ship you don't like. I highly doubt there's a substantial amount of people using vast GP to get free XP, and I bet even less that would buy it to use for the conversion since GP is finite and the market prices make it way too precious to waste like that. I guess if you don't care about the market then you may make that GP rain but you're better off saving it for elite status.

100-1, 500-1, 1000-1 (no more than that), as long as I can get something.

There appears to be some miscommunication here. Unless the game info is wrong, you are not matched up against newbies but the same captain rank as you are. So you are already playing against people familiar with the game and any kind of domination is your fault or theirs.

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You should only play lower division when you want to level lower ships, which you will do regardless of BB

If you maxed out all lower tier ships then you should not play lower division anymore, or at least should not have incentive to, except for fun of course.

I maxed out all T1/2 ships and I play Recruit for the easy extra money credits. As been said, you supposedly get a bonus a fully researched ship (never paid attention so can't confirm it's not working). Usually the queue is only a couple of minutes and the matches don't last too long since health isn't a big issue. Once the match is over then Veteran BB is ready again (or close to it) so no need to waste buying it over and over again.

You may not get the same thrill of having your fully decked out ship of the higher level but assuming that you're now familiar with the ins-and-outs of the game and the type of ships you're using then you should be able to just breeze through the matches. Plus play for fun, of course. Go crazy with it since there's basically nothing to lose anymore.

They need to add an option to convert at a reduced rate without using GP, like 100 ship XP = 1 free XP

All my T1 and T2 are complete, and I have 2 ships with 70k xp each. It would be nice to get something out of them.

is there anything worse than having a full set of contracts come up for TE?

(other one was corvette kills which i re-rolled, didn't take pic till now). Happened 2 days ago, still waiting on rolls smile

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I am having issue with game stuck in infinite loading screen once the matchmaking system find me a game. On top of that, this patch put me into lower resolution by default now smile

Yesterday was ok but today has been terrible with infinite loading, I believe I've had 5+ already. Something to do with today's maintenance, perhaps?

Echoing the frustration. I only have 1 week of elite left and the incentive to play has severely waned with this change. I used to manage 3k - 5k points, now i'll be lucky to make even 2.5k no matter what. I was close to unlocking my choice modules, too.

Dev Note "This allows us to give players ship XP for participation without making them stand out as superior players in the scoreboard."

This is a poor idea in my opinion. You should be there to play to win, and I earned those points by pulling my weight and taking risks despite the ship I used. "Participation" already comes in the form of assists and killing assault ships/flyers in onslaught mode. This limit should be reserved for Recruit tier only.