As of this writting, the game sits around 56 concurrent players on steam. Probably doesnt fare any better on ps4. its been on lifesupport for some time now not sure why. if anyone tries to convince you otherwise to stay its most likely another player who needs more players to farm. Was a good game years ago though but devs dropped the ball hard and abandoned it quickly after the failed steam launch.

pretty much. half the match is AI controlled. kinda boring to ever que up for legendaries since the game doesnt feel like it will ever jump up in numbers. good try on FB doing weekend events with devs but its dead in the water unless by some miracle you got some streamer to blow it up.

before you make that move consider looking at this. youre not going to have any better luck

couldnt even get into a legendary match. ill give them effort though with the free stuff during the weekend

youre not going to get any feedback from devs here. its place is mainly a ghostship of a forum. what was left of the game hype died off little over 2 years ago.

After seeing the offical gameplay it feels like theres some hope for not only another descent star wars game but also another space warefare game to fill the hole that Dreadnought left behind. Hope to may see some of the crowd from here if any of you are still around scouting this site still.

if the power levels only differ from that small amount then there will be even less incentive to push through the grind. I did come to terms with the Tier based progression eventually when there was the time of a very active playerbase but now it could be the very thing that scares away any potential newcomers to stay and fight the dedicated few who dominate the empty lobbies

problem with the MM is splitting due to having Tier progression. part of the complete rework of the game could be to drop it in favor of the older system they had of simple leveling system that can easily include prestiging. it would also drop back down the ship count to the original 15 that can be much more managable to balance.

as long as the current playerbase is small they will always find a way to group up. the way it looks now is the game may need to shut down and be reworked and rereleased as something brand new to try to find a bigger playerbase

well welcome back, for the most part its pretty barren here so from what ive heard you'll have to go to the game's discord to find players to group up. i don't have the link to it for you so apologies for that. As for the XP weekend only thing i know they still do post on FB occasionally about events of the devs(debug team) getting on the game to play with them. However, its possible they jump on PS4 mostly but couldnt tell ya that either.