nope they are only around for the games lifesupport

impressive work. Wish this game had the chance to make a good selection of physical merch like models or figurines. woildnt mind seeing this game become a tabletop game like star wars armada at this point so the ship concepts dont get lost

youre way too late on that one lol

do you have enough ships per tier range to do that? could be the reason.

should be able to. its bugged then if you cant.

ya i started playing a couple months before the update and actually enjoyed it quite a bit. I was super salty about the new tier system and suggested just a presitge option. eventually got use to it but since i mained Vette i got tons of hate for topping the boards most of my matches.

it was a simple level system. youd go from 1-50 and every few levels would unlock modules and briefings. you also started with one variant of each class(light medium or heavy ships) which unlocked at particular levels to also purchase with credits that you only earned in game. there was only 15 ships 3 for every class. the endgame was similar but you saw hella more tartarus abilities being used all around instead of pure damage. i mained Monarch and had a loadout that bascially made me invincible(had breifings to reduce CD times when taking in damage on my sheilds and would cycle between armorbooster pulse or armor amp. the tier system came in and most of the ships basic mechanics was really boring to me and the grind it was to get to the ships i played a ton of looked way too tedious so i decided to give vette more priority since it gave me that sense of control of the fight instead of being a sitting duck.

that goes for any of the classes. theres some that people can master and will stick with them. before tiers came into the game i mained dread

almost every class of ship had their perfect yet horrificly broken loadout. the vette was taking most of that attention due to the speed and agility of the ship to have better control of the map then all the others that stuck out like sore thumbs. Also added that most people did not grasp the energy wheel mechanic that then made them perfect prey. Couldnt tell ya the amount of times ive told the people ive just cut down to sheild up if they dont want me to burn through their Hp and their response is always on the lines of being cheap or not having any skill(even though you can run into them the next match with them flying vette and they stay at the bottom of the board lol)

highly doubt that but ok. more about the fact that theres a big grind and had a huge skill gap between us who was already playing for about 2+ years with most of the T4s unlocked versus the newbies from steam with very little content to work for