i admire your passion for this game. would hope to see it grow back to being relevant again to get actual content development.

what ship and tier are you in? is that usually your best since that makes sense for that amount of xp

maintenance wasent really an issue but then again i was always in the top 3 of the match so never noticed.

youre playing the wrong game. there will never be any single player content. may i suggest Tie Fighter or Xwing

considering you're over a year late to the conversation, the possible balance patches are highly unlikely.

bascially youve made it to the end and now you can reroll another ship. the game most likely wont ever get the playerbase to make those matches pop often enough. even when there was a much bigger population you mostly ran into the dedicated premades that completely rolled over the other 20+ legendary pilots in that que.

youve been gone for way too long. its been in this state maybe a month after the steam launch. most of the dev team jumped ship and the only updates are patches once in a blue moon. theres very little life left PC wise. forums reflect it well being a ghost town for weeks at a time. only
big highlight is looks like the spammers have stopped bothering the site lol

meh take it as a sign at this point. it would be a miracle at this rate for the game to come back from the dead.

no reason to be bothered by it since you said it yourself that you havent touched the game for months

i would say the best place for this IP is to turn into a tabletop style game similar to Star Wars Armada. id jump on that so that way the ship designs don't go to waste