For tech tree, there's so many path that can be taken its crazy and you get used to it.

Start by clicking on...

Play>Manage Fleet>Click a ship>Tech Tree

Play>Manage Fleet>Click a ship>Edit Loadout>Choose Loadout A or B>Select a module>Tech Tree

Play>Select Tier>Select Mode>Click a ship>Tech Tree

Play>Select Tier>Select Mode>Click a ship>Click loadout>Choose Loadout A or B>Select a module>Tech Tree

Ship>Select Manufacturer>Click a ship>View Tech Tree

Ship>Select Manufacturer>Click a ship>Click loadout>Choose Loadout A or B>Select a module>Tech Tree

Ship>Owned Ship>Click a ship>View Tech tree

Ship>Owned Ship>Click a ship>Click loadout>Choose Loadout A or B>Select a module>Tech Tree


Also, remember this, you can equip the modules from the tech tree. However, when you equip a module from the loadout screen, you can put any modules unlocked in the previous tier of that ship.


The worst thing however, is that after each match in veteran of legendary if you want to buyback the Battle Bonus, you must click...

Play>Select Tier>Select Mode>and then pay the Battle Bonus fee but at least you also have the Play icon to start matchmaking

And you also get used to this.

Bumping my guide for the many noobs that haven't seen it. There's so many information that new player should know when they start progressing in this game that isn't clearly explained.

Here's the worst seal clubbing I have ever seen in Dreadnought.
Onslaught 302 vs 5

In Onslaught, a kill earns 10 points to your team.

Good news, the dev (singular) is listening. I had a recent talk with him on discord and he has great plans for the game, but being the only dev plus another for the graphic aspect progress are slow.

Concerning the poor AI. I've suggested to him to simply change all bots so that they only spawn in their highest tier ships. It won't solve their stupidity, but at least they would pack a punch and soak up more damage.

Sgt Engee#9167 posted (#post-279959) said:
We really shouldn't have to be relying on community datamining to get the actual values of the various weapons in game. the developer really needs to step up and input the correct values if the dataminer is correct.

I totally agree on that, that the devs should step up, but it will probably never happen. Not that there isn't interest on the developer sides to make the game better, but that there isn't the manpower to do it.

Tesla turrets damage doesn't change with range. But with a tiny range of 900m its already hard to get in range. However, whenyou are in range, if you add power to weapon and beam amplifier (tier 2 since the 3+ drain energy), you can see the opponent health disappear in 1-2 seconds.

I looked at both what the game show and what the most recent datamine document shows and the numbers are not the same.

Datamine link

Here's what I've found about the Palos weapons.

Palos Weapons

The datamine shows way more numbers than just DPS. And my best guess would be to follow those numbers that the in-game numbers of the tech tree. But, yeah, its still hard to know which data is the most accurate.

To have a real impact with Fighters in TE require coordination from the team. Lets say your 8v8 players, the best thing is if someone calls who to shoot as more and more players become Fighters and all other players LISTEN. Good luck on that last part tho as most of the time most player will just do what they want.

Alternatively, take a bomber and go against an artillery ship if there's one in the match. A long time ago when there was TE on PC, I almost managed to kill an artillery ship while I was the only one attacking it. If you can manage to get 1 or 2 other players, artillery won't last long. Other ships are harder to deal with due to either their speed or health.

This entier thread should have been called "Another rant about corvettes".

On that subject, my opinion is simple. Corvettes aren't OP.

Its when squad of players choose all the same class of ship, and regardless of the class, that the balance of the game breaks.

Pick any class of ships, have 4 players in a coordinated squad with voice chat play those ships and have them all the same module selection and you will see how the game loses all balance.

The game was made with the idea to have diverse fleet of ships. With about 2 of each classes of ships on each side. Now picture the following combos and you will understand how the balance completely disappear.

4 tactical cruisers, all equipped with artillery pods, heal pods, 2 autorepair beam and overclock pulse, energy generator and the right OBs combos. I met such a squad once when Adrenaline shot triggered at 100% health. I left the match, since there was no point to play.

Anyone remembers when the SOS clan would join matches with 4 ramming Vindictas. Yeah, I have few fond memories of those times. Another time I met a 3 destroyer squad that weapon boosted a single healer. Completely invincible.

How about 4 Dreadnoughts, pick either close range builds or nuking builds. Doesn't make a difference really.

And 4 artillery cruiser that voice chat to select the same targets. You think your team will stand a chance, well, think again.

And I won't talk about corvettes because you already know what they can do.

Three things regarding grind.

1 - don't play proving grounds, they give less experience and credits.

2 - BATTLE BONUS During each match, you can have a Battle Bonus, Which will give more XP and Credits if its active. In Recruit its always available. In Veteran, after a match where it was available, it will be available again after 10 minutes unless you pay 1200 credits (pay the price its worth it). In Legegendary, the price is 6500 credits. You will see the icon on the top right of your fleet "activate Battle Bonus". Each T2 ship in your fleet gives +5% xp and +5% credits to your battle bonus, and higher tier ships give way more. In Veteran, if you have five T3 ships, your battle bonus will be +25% xp and +20% PER ships. for a total of a base of 100%. So in total it +225% xp and +200% credits. So, after each match when you return to the main screen of the hangar, make sure to press play, select the mode of play (any, TDM, ect), choose your fleet veteran or legendary, and on your fleet screen buy the Battle Bonus. I know its tedious to do this after each match, but thrust me its worth it and you get used to it.

3 - If you're willing to spend money on the game, get Elite Status. And instead of just buying elite status, you can check to buy one of the Steam DLC, The Vanguard Welcome bundle found in the in-game store and this free DLC