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If you are new and want to progress as quickly as possible purchase Elite Status using these GP. The bonus that gives you is significant and makes progression really less of a chore.

Yeah, that's no longer worth it sadly. Way back in open beta, there was bundle called the the Vanguard Welcome Bundle that gave the T2 Silesia hero ship, two decals, two hats, about 10000 credits and 1 week of elite status all for the low low price of 350 GP. That was really nice. In addition, there was more captain progression that gave small amounts of GPs.

But nowadays, there are few captain progression that give free GPs. In recruit, you can gain 100 GP and in Captain, there is the Fame and Fortune that is based on the amount of battles that you have played that will give GPs at low tier. The problem is that the cheapest Elite bundle cost 600 GP meaning that at this point you're better to just spend your free GP on coatings and other things to enhance the looks of your ships rather than elite status.

Yeah, things were actually cheaper in the past of this game. Those like me that have been playing for 2+ years have been going through plenty of changes, some that made the game harder and some that made the game easier for us.

To all the Noobs out there, here's some important things to understand about Dreadnought. You MUST unlock as many ships as you can in the beginning for 2 reasons.

BATTLE BONUS During each match, you can have a Battle Bonus, Which will give more XP and Credits if its active. In Recruit its always available. In Veteran, after a match where it was available, it will be available again after 10 minutes unless you pay 1200 credits (pay the price its worth it). In Legegendary, the price is 6500 credits. You will see the icon on the top right of your fleet "activate Battle Bonus". Each T2 ship in your fleet gives +5% xp and +5% credits to your battle bonus, and higher tier ships give way more. In Veteran, if you have five T3 ships, your battle bonus will be +25% xp and +20% PER ships. for a total of a base of 100%. So in total it +225% xp and +200% credits. So, after each match when you return to the main screen of the hangar, make sure to press play, select the mode of play (any, TDM, ect), choose your fleet veteran or legendary, and on your fleet screen buy the Battle Bonus. I know its tedious to do this after each match, but thrust me its worth it and you get used to it.

OFFICER BRIEFINGS Certain ship as shown in my image below allow to unlock Officer Briefings (OBs). OBs are module that replace the 101 module that you see on T3+ ships on the right of their module selection. OBs make a huge difference in veteran and legendary matches. So when you begin playing, try fully researching all T1s and T2s ships so that you have all T3 ships available. Having all T3 ships should take a day or two of playing. After that, try unlocking all OBs granted by T3 ships, THEN have fun. Once you begin to unlock T4 ships, try unlocking as fast as you can Retaliator, Engine Rigger, Module Amper and Destruction Cascade.

Here's some example of things to do with OBs
Retaliator + Get My Good Side is really good on Dreads. Try to get the enemy team to fire at you as much as possible, if you have a healer its even better. Get modules like Ballistic Broadside and Armor Armp. If enough players shoot at you, you will be able to use ballistic broadsides every 2-4 seconds.

Module Amper is really great to launch nuke that will do more damage or Repair Pods that will heal more (yes it works on pods.) Make sure that the pods, missile, nuke, etc is fully launched before deactivating energy to weapon to make sure whatever you launched has the bonus. Heck, sometime, just stop firing your main cannon to concentrate on that enhanced module.

Engine Rigger is really great on corvettes and destroyers if you have builds that need you to get really close. In Conquest, if you're wondering why there is always an ally corvette getting to a conquest point before you even if you have Thrust Amp, the reason is because they have Engine Rigger.

Feedback Loop + Reinforced + Module Reboot. On Healers or Destroyers those OBs work really great with module reboot, you will have a constant flow of energy coming back. Note that The amount of energy you will gain will take into account the longer time of Reinforced but will ignore the shortened cooldown of Module Reboot.

Slow and Steady 10% armor boost + Engineering 6.5% + Armor Amp 80% = 96.5% damage reduction.

Desperate Measure had a bid nerf lately, but is still quite good, giving you back all of your energy

Officer Briefing


Heres two DLCs, one free and a second almost free.

Free - Sinley bay defender DLC - Gives you 1 week of free Elite Status and the Zilant Hero Ship. (I know its a long link, but its legit) Register at the link, alienwarearena, then reload the link to get a steam key

Less than 1$ - Premium Starter Pack DLC Activation CD Key Its really old. For less than 1$, you can get this Grey Box activation key that will give you 40,000 credits, the Reaper Set, the Spartan Legion set, an exclusive decal and 4 Intel ensign codes that each give a free decal.


DISCORD Here's the link to the Official Dreadnought Discord channel. Its always a great place to find fellow players to squad with.
Note: When you go on this channel for the first time, you must write !verify in the #bot-spam lounge


What to do with Grey Box points when you have some. The GPs, the gold points that can be bought with real money and that are given with some Captain Progression.

MARKET BUNDLE NEVER buy coatings, decals and embles individually on a ship. If you do, it will only be available for that class of ship of that particual manufacturer. Example: If you buy the Orion Construction coating on the Chernobog, its only going to be available for your Simargl, Nav, Chernobog, Voronezh and Zmey ships but no other. However, if you go in the market and buy that coating bundle, its going to be available on all of your ships.

HERO SHIPS The truth his, there almost completely useless. They can be usefull for two things.
1 - For cosmetics. To have a coating and decal available to all your ships and new skins for that line of ships.
2 - When you fly a hero ship in a match it gives a lot of free experience points, but nothing more than what you would gain by flying a ship that still has stuff to research. Example: I have all five T3 hero ships, when i play in veteran, I can have a full fleet of those and after a match I can receive about 5000 free experience points. However, if I would still need to research stuff on at least five T3 ships, I would put those instead on my fleet.

FREE XP Avoid this, its not worth it. The conversion rate is really horrible at 1 GP for 40 free XP.


Most Important point. If you spend money on GP bundle, make sure that the amount of GP vs the amount of money paid is worth it. Currently, at least here on Canada, the bundle that is the best is the one at 20$ that gives you 2500 GP. Here's why, the bundle that cost 180$ gives you 22000 GP. If we make a quick calculation, If I was to buy the 20$ bundle 9 times, so that I would spend 180$, that would give me 22500GP. 500 GPs MORE than the normal 180$ bundle. Yeah, I know, that's stupid, and I spotted that on the first day of the steam release and the devs never bothered to change that. An easy way to know if a GP bundle is worth it, is divide its GP by its cost. The number should be as high as possible. 22000 GP / 180$ = 122.2222 while 2500 GP / 20$ = 1.25 thus the 20$ bundle is better. If you're willing to spend more than 20$, just buy the 20$ bundle more than once.

And if you're willing to spend money on the game, here's what you should do. On Steam there are 3 DLCs, wait for those to have price reduction and get them, they will give you plenty of stuff. There is also the 5$ in-game Dreadnought Welcome Bundle that gives a bunch of things for a low price. After that, Elite Status is always a good idea to progress faster. And if you're willing to spend more, well, follow the guidelinges I've written above about Market Bundles and Hero Ships.


Here are tutorial videos that I've made for each of the T2 ships.

Enter = chat

shift+enter = team chat

ctrl+enter = squad chat

Also, don't hesitate to hop on the official dreadnought discord channel. Note, when you go on the discord channel, go in the "bot-spam" lounge and type !verify.

In Conquest, what is important isn't how many kills you make but where you make them.

When you destroy a ship near a conquest point controlled by your team, it gives you a +300 bonus. If however, you kill an enemy in their spawn, it only gives a +10 bonus. Make sure that you either kill enemies that have big area control or that are near one of the conquest points.

Si on se fie au lien suivant, en moyenne il y a environ 100-200 joueurs à chaque jour qui joue à Dreadnought.

Yep, more bad news showing that the game is getting always more "dead". Us Dreadnought Partner (when that program mattered) we had an exclusive discord channel for events. Well, it has been removed. Sure it wasn't active, but it shows that the devs are closing things little by little. First, the youtube channel, now this.

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Global chat would be amaizing, what would it take to make it work?

Easy, people playing the game and chatting.

I remember a time where the chat would almost never shut up and there was a near continuous stream of discussions on it. It was actually bothersome back then.

The solution for discord is really simple, write: Dis cord. yes, write a space in the word. It works for me all the time.

As for the channel address, its the same thing, if your write "" it won't work. But it will work if you write "dis"

You quit after waiting for 5 minutes, jeez, your not patient. Sometime you miss the queue and must wait a good 10+ minutes to even enter recruit or veteran matches.

If takes more than 15 minutes to enter matches, then you probably should try lower tier matches. but 5 minutes is not a long waiting time per Dreadnought standard, its the average.

Follow this link to see how you can win the Fleet Recrutment Pack.

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