1 - Battle Bonus are bonus to your Xp, credits and free xp. It is active when you do not see the timer. The battle bonus only apply to your next fight. You will see the bonus added at the end of the match during the progression part. When there is a timer, it indicate that you must wait that time before benefiting from the Battle Bonus. You can if you which stop the timer and benefit again from the bonus by paying the indicated amount of credits.

2 - It depends of what you buy. Any Coating, Pattern, Emblem and Decal bought under the Appearance tab will only be unlocked for the current class and manufacturer. For exemple if you buy the "Orion Construction" coating for an Agosta, it will become available for the Trafalgar, Otranto, Vigo and Athos when you unlock those ships.

If you buy a bundle, collection and similar products via the Market, those things will be available to all your ships.

Finally, when you buy a Hero ships, its custom Coating, Pattern, Emblem and Decals will be available to all your ships while its particular custom look will be available to its equivalent Class/Manufacturer.

3 - A Captain Kill indicate that (I think from my experience) you were the one that inflicted the most damage to the ship and thus gains an additional reward to your score of +30.

4 - You will see plenty of new bonus during fights, such as warfare (used a module to kill i think), payback (kill opponent after you're dead) and others.

5 - They have released non-T4 new hero ships. T4 hero ships all cost 4000 G. The Hanuman T3 ship cost 1500 G and the Zilant cost 1000 G. Of course it is because its of a lower tier than T4 that its cost less G.

6 - Currently Officer Briefing are available buring Veteran and Legendary matches. At the start you will have four Officer Briefing all with 101 after their name. There is 16 Officer briefing than can be unlocked in the different technology trees of ships. Check the link below to know which ship unlock what Breifings. However that will change. See second link as well as ship progression.

Hey, want a reason more to hate corvettes, especially the Machias and Valcour. In another thread i posted the cost of everything of all ships.

Link here:

Currently, as of 1.9.5, the progression cost from Machias to Valcour is the lowest compared to all other ships at a cost of 89k xp and 100k credits.

To unlock the Valcour, you only need to unlock 4 modules of the Machias (2 primary modules and 2 internal) for a cost of 25.2k xp. Furthermore when you buy the Valcour, you get the secondary weapon and 3 more modules for free on the Machias which would normally cost 26k xp. Doing this, unlike every other ships in the game, the Machias get a "refund" of experience points if he buys the minimum amount of modules required to unlock the Valcour!

Same thing happened to me, twice!

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Here are the some statistics I was searching for:

It cost about as much to unlock all T4 ships than to fully upgrade a single T5.

To unlock all T4 ships it cost with an efficient T3 to T4 progression: 1188k XP + 1485k credits

A fully upgraded T5 cost 1263k XP +1737k credits

Comparison of current unfairness of Efficient T3 to T4

Comparison between Tier of Efficient Xp cost

Comparison between Tier of fully upgraded ship cost (include the average cost to unlock the next tier)

Hey everyone. I was curious what looked like the Xp and credit curve for the different tier. Sadly i didn't fint any compilation of such thing on the net so I took upon me to do it myself. Here are my findings. The first post is the compilation of the cost of basically everything and the averages and totals of each tier. In the second post i will post graphic representing the curves of progression between the different tier. I will also reserve the third post for possible furute stuff.

For the T3 and T4 i have put what you must buy to reach the next tier and free XP module you get when you unlock the next tier of the current line of ship. Due to the low cost of T1 and T2 i only compiled the cost to max them out.

For example: An Otranto only need to unlock with its XP 5 modules to be able to unlock its next Tier. Once the Vigo is bought, the Otranto receive 3 modules for free and only need to buy 5 more modules to be maxed out.

Minimum to next tier = Xp cost of all prerequisite module to unlock next tier

Free from next tier = Module granted by next tier in same class (free XP)

Need for max = Remaining module to fully upgrade

Maxed = Total cost of all modules

Efficient cost = Minimum to next tier - free from next tier

Maxed Tier = average ship cost

Maxed + Next = average ship cost + average of next tier to unlock

All Next Tier = total of all unlocking cost of next tier ships

Complete Tier = cost of all ship + cost of all ship of next tier to unlock

Complete Game = The cost of everything including the briefings.

By the way, to complete the game and have a fully maxed T5 fleet you will need to accumulate a little bit more of 32 million Xp and 41 million credits.

Here's a question for the developper.

Does the look of ship as an impact on its hit box?

Here's an image to better represent what a mean. Its a Fulgora and the same vessel with the Outis skin. Does the area that are bigger due to the skin of the Outis skin affect if the ship is hit by ennemy fire. If you follow the red lines i drew on the images you can see that the Outis has a bigger wingspan and longer nose.